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Isasumi Shrine (Isasumi Jinja)2.5

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This ancient shrine is the Chief Shinto Shrine (Ichinomiya) for the former Iwashiro Province (current Fukushima Prefecture) and the center place to pray for local gods (Sochinju) for the Aizu region (the westernmost of the three regions of Fukushima Prefecture). It is believed that the shrine was originally built in 88 B.C. on the mountain between Fukushima and Niigata Prefectures and relocated to the current area in 552 A.D. On its vast precinct there are primeval forests including those of Japanese elm trees on its southern limit along with the iris garden with 150 species/100,000 plants of irises. Its sacred tree is called Usu-zumi-zakura (Thin-ink cherry) as the color of its blossoms changes from white with thin black to white with red tint. 65 Shinto rituals, ceremonies and festivals are held annually, among them is the O-Taue-matsuri (rice planting festival) which is famous as the "Daytime Rice Planting in Takada" along with the Morning Rice Planting at Ise Jingu Shrine in Mie Prefecture and the Evening Rice Planting at Atsuta Jingu Shrine in Aichi Prefecture. (Japanese only)

PurposeTraditional folk,Seasonal Flowers,shrine/temple,sightseeing
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5.07 months ago

One of the larger shrines in the area. Every year they hold an Iris festival where there are tons of food stalls, performances, and a few booths to try your hands at traditional crafts.

5.03 years ago

Quite a large and impressive shrine on the outskirts of Aizu-Wakamatsu. The irises in the area are famous in June/July. There was an atmospheric area of ruins behind the main shrine worth checking out.

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5.0a month ago

御朱印は見開きの楷書体 書き置きのみですが、快く御対応頂けます。

4.04 months ago


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