Lake Hibara

Sightseeing information about Lake Hibara in Japan.

Lake Hibara (Hibara-ko)2.0

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Among a cluster of lakes and ponds created by the eruption of Mt. Bandai-san, Lake Hibara-ko, 31km(20 miles)shoreline and 31 meter (101 feet) deep, is the largest lake in Urabandai area, Fukushima Prefecture. There are sightseeing spots around the lake: the pleasure boat dock on the south bank, Torii gate of Oyamazumi-jinja Shrine on the north bank to pray for the village sunk by eruption, the Lake Hibara-ko Lakeside Trail on the east, and the Urabandai Birdwatching Trail on the west. In the winter, the surface of the lake is frozen and people visit there for smelt ice fishing.

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