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Byakkotai Memorial Hall (Byakkotai Kinen-kan)2.0

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The Byakkotai (White Tiger Troop) was a group of around 300 teenage samurai warriors of the Aizu Domain (current Fukushima Prefecture), who fought as the former Shogunate force in the Boshin War, a civil war in 1868-1869 against the anti-Shogunate faction who established the new Meiji Government. They lost the battle and comitted suicide. Byakkotai Memorial Hall is located at the foot of the Mt. Iimori-yama in Aizu-Wakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture, along the path to their graveyard on the mountain. The museum has about 12,000 historical materials about the war, including the battle gear, clothing and photographs. Other than materials about Byakkotai, materials about other soldiers, including Kondo Isami of the Shinsen-gumi (another troop of the former Shogunate force) and Itagaki Taisuke of the anti-Shogunate fact, are also displayed along with a diorama of the battle. (Japanese only)

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It's truly a unique place. It's a memorial sight for the Byakkotai (White Tiger Brigade)--a group of young warriors who fought in the Boshin War and committed suicide when they thought the castle had been taken. Theirs is a story of both honor and tragedy. And visitors should look it up before they go to understand the full import of the sight. (Also--there's a statue donated by WWII-era Italy which is also an interesting story). Like I said, truly unique!

4.0a year ago

A good place to understand the history.

3.04 years ago

Byakkotai (White Tigers) Memorial. A museum for the memory of young warriors who made samurai suicide in the Boshin War 1868.

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