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Shirakawa Barrier (Shirakawa no Seki)2.0

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Shirakawa no seki (Shirakawa Barrier), one of the three ancient barriers in Oshu (old name for the northeast part of Japan), is believed to have served as the border barrier from the Nara Period to Heian Period, blocking the Emishi tribe, the native people from the north, and regulating and controlling the traffic. The barrier lost its function simultaneously with the decline of the Ritsuryo law system, but the place is still popular and admired by people who love poetry, as it was a place famed in haiku- or waka-poetry by famous poets including Noin (aka Tachibana no Nagayasu, 988-1051), Saigyo (1118-1190) and Matsuo Basho (1644-1694). (Japanese only)

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4.0a month ago

On the way from Shirakawa to Ashino on touring, I found a signboard of Shirakawa Seki trace and hurriedly detoured.

I often hear it, but I didn't know it until I went there. It's not a barrier in the Edo period. It's like an older Seki.

Looking at the aerial photograph of the signboard, the area around Sekisho is a dense, small mountain.
If it was in Edo, it should be along the Oshu Kaido, right? If you cross one mountain to the west, you will reach the Oshu Highway.

I visited in November, but if I came in a different season, I might have had a different impression.
In this place where Basho is said to have stopped by, I had a good time thinking about the past in the abandoned silence.

4.03 months ago

I thought that there were more tourist facilities such as museums and souvenir shops.
Crimson championship flag in high school baseball at Shirakawa's barrier
It will be broadcast if it does not exceed, since I was little
It is a historic site that I was interested in

The place was finally found by excavation work in the Taisho era
I was able to identify it, and the history of Edo
Was buried
Without thanking the ancestors who carried out the excavation
Can't stay

In a calm atmosphere
The entry and exit of travelers was quietly monitored
Is it?
I'm really glad I was visited

Nearby is a soba restaurant, Shirakawa Ramen
There is a famous "Yatabe"

If you don't have a ladder of ramen
I want to eat ramen, but
I was totally disappointed

4.03 months ago

It may be a little different from the road in the Edo period
There was an entrance to Mutsu here, and from the other side, an entrance to Edo.
There are no museums or souvenirs lined up like the Hakone Sekisho.
Unless it was excavated in the Taisho era, there would be no restored barriers or stone monuments.
We would like to thank our ancestors for the excavation.

Shirakawa Shrine is just built on the site of the barrier, and the mossy approach is very nice.

Nearby is the soba restaurant and Yatabe, which is famous for its Shirakawa ramen noodles.

If I was hungry, I wanted to eat at "Yatabe", but after the two ladders
I couldn't stop by.
Hmm ~~ sorry 😭

4.0a month ago

I think it's good for history lovers.
Once upon a time, one of the barriers that separates the Tohoku and Kanto regions.

4.02 months ago

It is famous as the border between Kanto and Tohoku. It ’s a historic land, though it ’s all around.

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