Kanouzu Guard Station

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Kanouzu Guard Station (Kanouzu Bansho)2.0

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A former checking point at Hachijurigoe Road, where the traffic of people and goods between Aizu and Echigo Domains (current Fukushima and Niigata Prefectures) were monitored during the Edo Period. It is the largest Umaya-Chumon-zukuri (building with a stable as a connected annex) building in the Oku-Aizu region and is designated as an Important Cultural Property of Fukushima Prefecture.

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A beautiful and quaint inn (and quite old too, about 250+ years actually) set in a picturesque setting straight from a fairy tale. The staff are very friendly, the food is superb, and the accommodations very comfortable. If they don't have room for the night you should at the very least request a tour.

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