Goshikinuma Walking Trail

Sightseeing information about Goshikinuma Walking Trail in Japan.

Goshikinuma Walking Trail (Goshikinuma Shizen Tansho-ro)2.5

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Goshiki-numa, which literary means 'Five Colored Ponds", is the generic name for ponds and lakes dotting in the Urabandai area, Fukushima Prefecture. Among rusty red, bright green, and turquoise ponds and lakes, a well-maitained walking trail thorough forests, without so much ups and downs, is provided. The entire route of the trail connects the Goshikinuma Iriguchi bus stop, a visitor center, Bishamon-numa (Lake Bishamon), Aka-numa (Red Pond), Midoro-numa (Deep Mud Lake), Benten-numa (Lake Benten), Ruri-numa (Lake Lapis Lazuli), Ao-numa (Blue/Green Lake), Yanagi-numa (Willow Lake) and the Bandai Kogen bus stop, ranging 3.6km (2.2 miles) and taking roughly 2 hours. Viewing platforms are found on route and shops/restaurants/restrooms are provided each end of the route.

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5.09 months ago

This place is a nice place to stop by for a 2 hours hiking. The scenery is beautiful and you can see some lakes with interesting colors as it is called the Five Colored Lakes. Depending on the season when you come, you can see kinds of colored leafs. At the end or beginning (depending where you start) of the hiking place, there is huge lake and they have some restaurants near by with a pretty nice view of the lake. People around this area are pretty friendly too.

5.07 months ago

A beautiful and serene hiking path between picturesque lakes and ponds. The path is really easy and not long, about an hour and 5 minutes.

4.06 months ago

Winter snow is comming. Autumn is the end

5.010 months ago

We went there by car. It’s very easy to get there and walk to the lake. The lake was breathtakingly beautiful.

5.06 months ago

A great hike which lasts roughly two hours. The ground does get uneven but it doesn't include many ups or downs

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