Shirakawa City History Folk Museum

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Shirakawa City History Folk Museum (Shirakawa-shi Rekishi Minzoku Shiryo-kan)2.0

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This museum for local history and folklore is located in Shirakawa City, Fukushima Prefecture. It houses about 15,000 materials including excabated items from ruins in the city, documents about Komine Castle and paintings by Shoji Sekine, an artist who was born in the city. Its permanent exhibitions introduce the brief history of the city from the primitive age to the modern times. Temporary exhibitions about the region are held occasionaly. (Japanese only)

PurposeTraditional folk,History,art,sightseeing
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5.02 weeks ago

You can visit for free. The history of Shirakawa is explained in an easy-to-understand manner. Details are introduced on the Yamada Dentaro blog.

5.05 months ago

There were unexpectedly many Jomon and Yayoi pottery and it was full of highlights

3.05 months ago

Materials related to the history and culture of Shirakawa are on display. You can visit for free

1.0a year ago

It was open on the net, so I took it over 200 kilometers from Yamagata. However, it was closed from the 28th.
Even in the library alone ... After all it is open on the net, but it was useless.
Shirakawa city ,.
In general, geographical areas with little interaction with the outside are quite difficult to personalize.
The representative in Yamagata Prefecture is Hebei Town.
"Juro Shiratori"

4.010 months ago

We stopped by to study the history of Shirakawa. There were many exhibits of ancient buried cultural properties that were worth seeing.

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