Zao Ropeway

Sightseeing information about Zao Ropeway in Japan.

Zao Ropeway4.0

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This ropeway takes you up Mount Zao, passing the plateau of juhyo (monster-looking iced trees) and reaching a peak where the large statue of a guardian deity sits quietly. Located 3km from this peak is a crater lake of cobalt blue with sunset-colored volcanic rocks.

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5.06 months ago

Nice place to visit although the temperature is very different from what at the base so do take care and not to forget take low temperature measures.the price is 3000yen per person feels a little high as the service of the rope way is not worthy but the views for the top covers all .the trees there looks very different (like cristmas tree) covered in snow.a must go place if you’re in the region.

5.04 months ago

Amazing place,wide skiing area. Nice snow. Enjoyed it

5.04 months ago

Amazing view, the cable car can take you to the top where in Winter is very cold with strong wind.

5.05 months ago

Must go Ski resort! It was very cold at the peak where you see the ice monsters. Please remember to wear proper gear.

5.07 months ago

A must place to visit. Amazing views on the cable car and the highest point. Please try to come on sunny day in the morning.

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