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Studio Sedic Shonai Open Set (Shonai Eiga-mura Open Set)3.3

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Studio Sedic Shonai Open Set (Shonai Eiga-mura Open Set) is a movie set for shooting historical films and TV shows. In the vast site of 87 hectares (215 acres) there are seven zones: the Sankan Shuraku (mountain village) Area of a rural village on a hill, the Shukuba-machi (post station town) Area with Japanese style single story row houses, the Sengoku Otemon (front entrance gate in the feudal Sengoku period) Area with a two-story watchtower from where you can overlook the open set, the Gyoson (fishing village) and the Nouson (farm village) Areas with realistic props, the Kaze (wind) Area with a Western style house which is distinctive among this scenery of old Japan, and the Entrance where shops and restaurants are located and you can taste dishes with local products.
You can look around the open sets on foot or taking the shuttle bus (500 yen/day), watching attractions including sword battles. You can also try taking your pictures in a Ninja costume or Kimono with a Samurai-sword. (Japanese only)

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4.06 months ago

Several Japanese movies apparently filmed at this location, which covers a large area. We were part of a guided coach tour, a local guide joined our coach at the entrance and gave a continuous commentary throughout our stay; but it was all in Japanese, which none of us understood, so our guide interpreted! If you are a Japanese movie buff then this site will be of great interest. It is still interesting to see the various sets even without knowledge of the films filmed here. Sets include a mountain village and a fishing village plus a fort. We were there just as the rice growing in the on set paddy field was being harvested, fascinating to see up close. The whole area has the mountains as a backdrop. You can try on some of the costumes; kimonos. The site did look a little overgrown but we were told a movie was filmed as recently as 6 months ago.

4.08 months ago

It is only interesting for those familiar with Japanese movie or TV drama. Pay extra ¥500 for shuttle bus between different zones is highly recommended.

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