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Akutsu Hachiman Shrine (Akutsu Hachiman Jinja)1.4

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An ancient shrine which was established by a Buddhist priest Jikaku Daishi (Ennin) and a local ruler Banzaburo Akutsu in 860 A.D. in the Heian Period. It is said that Minamoto no Yoshiie, a Minamoto clan samurai of the late Heian Period, visited here and enshrined a divided spirit of the deity of the Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu Shrine in Kamakura, praying for his victory in the battle with Oshu (Tohoku or Northeastern region) in 1045. Walking past a three-story pagoda on the left of the approach, you will see a thatched Bugaku-den (Hall for traditional Japanese court music accompanied by dancing), which is assumed to be built in the end Muromachi Period (the 18th century) and the Honden (main building) of Sangensha-nagare-zukuri style.
The area on the hill behind the shrine, with dozens of Kofun (ancient mounded tombs), is a historical park called Mahoroba Inishie no Sato Rekishi Koen.
There is a road station Takahata across the street, where you can have a nice break.

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There is no fee, no office, and no staff at this shrine. In addition it is a rare example of a remaining Shinto shrine with a well-preserved Buddhist pagoda, which were largely destroyed when shrines and temples were separated in the Meiji period. This, along with the fact that few people bother to visit here, give it a spiritual feel absent at many other places that cater to tourists. Went in the late afternoon in September and was awed. Imagine it's beautiful in all seasons.

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