Shonai Wind Farm

Sightseeing information about Shonai Wind Farm in Japan.

Shonai Wind Farm (Wind Turbine Village, Shonai-cho Fusha-mura)1.7

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Shonai Town (Shonai-cho), which is located on the northwestern coast of Yamagata Prefecture and is one of the strongest wind areas in Japan, has been generating electricity by wind power. The Shonai Wind Farm (Shonai-cho Fusha-mura) is located on a small hill in the town and features three huge American wind turbines, which are 24m/78ft high and have long blades of 8m/26ft.
You can learn about wind and wind power generation at the Windome Tachikawa in the village(free of charge).

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4.02 months ago

Can about 30 cars be parked in the parking lot?

You can enjoy outdoor playset and observatory for free.

There are various types of 100-yen battery cars, and the running time is longer than the battery cars of other facilities, so even if you put in 100 yen, it is worth it.

Inside the wind park building, there are exhibits about wind power generation and animations related to wind power generation.

Originally it was a free facility, so if you go without much expectation, you can play quite a lot on a sunny day, so it was quite good.

However, since it is on a mountain, the temperature is several times lower than on flat ground, so it would be better to have something to wear.

3.0a month ago

It was fun, but because everyone was riding a 100-yen battery car, all the vending machines had run out of change, and I couldn't buy drinks because I didn't have 100-yen coins. ..
A 100-yen coin is required.

I want you to install a money changer.

4.06 months ago

It was the first facility I visited, but it was on a hill, and there was an observatory inside the facility, so it felt like I could see Shonai! !!

In addition, flowers were blooming in places on the premises and it was beautiful!
There are also playsets and athletics that children can play with, so it was a very good place now that we have to avoid getting crowded in the corona!

There was also a pond in the facility, and a lot of goldfish were swimming (^-^) /

There was a lavender field, so I would like to go there at a different time when other flowers bloom and are beautiful (^ o ^) /

5.04 months ago

Athletic playset hits nephew and niece cleanly.

Now that Ikoi no Mura Shonai is gone, it may be just right. There is also an electric cart.

5.05 months ago

You can play indoors on rainy days, and there are outdoor playsets and battery cars.

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