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Mount Haguro is one of three mountains of Dewa Sanzan and the most accessible to tourists. The mountain has been a sacred destination of pilgrims and mountain ascetics since the 6th century. The summit (419m) is reached by the toll road or by a 2km-long trail with 2446 stone steps that takes a leisurely hour to climb.

Ideha Culture Memorial Museum, near the trailhead, explains the 1400-year history of pilgrims and Shugendo, a syncretised mountain worship. About 10 minutes into the climb from the trailhead, you will find a 30m-tall five-story pagoda standing among cedar trees. The teahouse in the middle point provides light eats including rice cakes coated with soy flour or red bean paste.

Near the summit lies a wooden shrine with red interior paint that is dedicated to the deities of the three mountains. The nearby history museum preserves artefacts such as bronze mirrors and sculptures found this area.

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羽黒山三神合祭殿再建200年記念事業として、平成31年4月27日から令和元年11月30日まで、羽黒山頂儀式殿では「秘仏 羽黒三所大権現」の一般公開を、また「国宝 羽黒山五重塔」では特別拝観を行なっています。五重塔には特製の足場が組まれていて二層部分から内部の心柱を見る事が出来ました。

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