Ichinotaki and Ninotaki Waterfalls Gorge

Sightseeing information about Ichinotaki and Ninotaki Waterfalls Gorge in Japan.

Ichinotaki and Ninotaki Waterfalls Gorge (Ichi-no-Taki・Ni-no-Taki Keikoku)3.4

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A gorge which stretches upstream of the River Gakko-gawa in the Mt. Chokai-san, Yamagata Prefecture.
A trecking route is provided along the gorge through the primeval beech forest, where you can enjoy fresh green leaves in spring, cool refreshing feeling of the waterfalls in summer and tinted foliage in autumn. It takes five minutes to walk from the parking lot to the Ichi-no-Taki (the First Waterfall), around where you can find a shrine and a observatory. Another 20 minutes walk takes you to the Ni-no-Taki (theSecond Waterfall), which is famous for its fall of 18m (60 ft) with abundant water.

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5.03 months ago

I climbed from Dohara Falls by bicycle as it was, but it was not a place to go by bicycle ... Ichinotaki is very magnificent and close to the parking lot, but it is very difficult to go to Nino Falls. You may need to be a little careful.
There seems to be Sannotaki, but I got lost so I retired on the way ...

5.03 months ago

It takes about an hour to go from Ichinotaki to Ninotaki. Since I climbed the mountain the day before, my legs were screaming, so I gave up on Sannotaki, but it was a good walk.

4.0a year ago

It is a trekking course where you can easily see a beautiful waterfall. It took about an hour to make a round trip, which is not so dangerous up to Ninotaki. Will the road to Sannotaki depend on the weather at that time? I also encountered a medium-sized wild animal running away near Ichinotaki, so please bring a bell if you have one.
The road to the parking lot is relatively easy to drive. There is a toilet and it helps.

4.02 years ago

You can get straight from the parking lot to Ichinotaki. Nino, Nino Falls ... I would regret if I was going to go sightseeing with a waterfall and have a sweet idea. I was. It's a 20-minute walk on a pretty mountain road from Ichino Falls. The waterfall was beautiful and there was an armor that came.

3.03 years ago

I went last year. The waterfall was soothed!
I'm glad I went, but I was scared that a bear would come out.
There were quite a few snakes ...
It was messed up from the tree and it was thrilling w

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