Mount Yudono

Sightseeing information about Mount Yudono in Japan.

Mount Yudono3.8

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Mount Yudono stands at 1504m and is the spiritual culmination of sacred pilgrimage linking Deza Sanzan, three holy mountains. This is a place where mountain ascetics finally step in after years of spiritual training at Mount Haguro and Mount Gas-san. It has been considered a taboo to discuss whatever experience you have here as indicated by a phrase among ascetics - "Don't ask, don't tell".

There is a shrine on the north slope devoted to a deity - a mystical, huge rock with hot spring waters gushing out. To enter the shrine, you must take off your shoes and bow your head before the priest for the purification rites. No photos are permitted. Take a 90-minute bus ride from Tsuruoka Station.

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