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Geibikei is a ravine located 15km northeast of Ichinoseki Station and famous for its flat-bottomed boat cruise. The boatman navigates the cruise with a pole and takes you through serene waters flanked with tall cliffs, some as high as 100m, and rocks and limestone caves covered with leafy trees. The scenery is spectacular with fall colors in October and November and with wisteria flowers draping from the cliffs in May.

On the boat, you are supposed to take off your shoes and sit on the floor mat. The tour takes about 90 minutes with the boatman singing chantey, and various fish like ayu and coi can be seen in the river. It is a 30-minute train ride from Ichinoseki Station. Don't confuse this spot with Genbikei (very similar name!) located to the west of Ichinoseki.

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4.0in the last week

Before you get on to the cruising boat, there are several souvenir shops flanking the stream. In the souvenir shop, there is also an ice cream vendor, with the special flavor of Zunda, at 300yen for each cone. The cruising fee for adult is 1600yen. When you get on the boat, the man rowing the boat will take you to somewhere near no.10 in your traveler's pamphlet. On the way back to the starting dock, he would sing local folk songs. There are also fish fodder selling on the boat at 50yen per pack, however, lots of times you are feeding the sprinting ducks, not actually the fish.

5.0a month ago

Lovely area of the Geibi Gorge, and a very unique experience to be rafted down it. Our guide was fun and friendly, though there is very little English available for non-Japanese speakers. Nice little souvenir shops along the river.

5.04 months ago

I've been wanting to visit Geibikei for around 2 years and I finally went there yesterday and it didn't disappoint. The boat trip is so beautiful and relaxing. The tour guide is obviously in Japanese so I couldn't understand a great deal but you can get an English guide book with points of interest along the route. The gorge itself is so beautiful. Highly recommend if you want to visit somewhere that is beautiful and relaxing.

5.0a week ago

Beautiful serene place where one can be with nature. Enjoy the ride as the boatman/woman explains about the sites in Japanese. You can even buy some fish/duck feed at JPY50 per packet to feed the ducks and fishes along the way. If you are feeling lucky, at the midpoint, there is a short landing where you can then choose to improve your luck by throwing "Lucky Balls" (pebbles) carved with various characters representing luck, love, career, etc., into a hole in the rock face that is across the stream. On the return ride, the nice boatman/woman will even sing a traditional song in Japanese that is about the beauty of the area. The song sets the mood for a really beautiful ending.

Visotors should not be making any noises or grumbling if unable to understand Japanese. A hand out is available from the ticketing counter in English or Chinese that explains what the boatman/woman is saying. Tip for enjoying the boat ride: Avoid boarding if you see or hear young Caucasians, Americans or China (not Taiwan or HK) families in the queue. They have a tendency to do their own talking (pretty loudly too) and spoil the serenity of the ride. There is a ride every 30mins, unless you are in a rush, why not wait for the next one to truly enjoy the peaceful serenity of the gorge.

5.03 months ago

Relaxing place!!
Love Geibikei & the boat ride 💗💗💗

I wish I had more time there.
They let us walk around only 20 mins, that was to short to enjoy such beauty.

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