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Geibikei is a ravine located 15km northeast of Ichinoseki Station and famous for its flat-bottomed boat cruise. The boatman navigates the cruise with a pole and takes you through serene waters flanked with tall cliffs, some as high as 100m, and rocks and limestone caves covered with leafy trees. The scenery is spectacular with fall colors in October and November and with wisteria flowers draping from the cliffs in May.

On the boat, you are supposed to take off your shoes and sit on the floor mat. The tour takes about 90 minutes with the boatman singing chantey, and various fish like ayu and coi can be seen in the river. It is a 30-minute train ride from Ichinoseki Station. Don't confuse this spot with Genbikei (very similar name!) located to the west of Ichinoseki.

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4.03 months ago

Calm River cruising by traditional boat.
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter - each season enjoyable with nature color.
Boat start every 1hour. (Should be there 10min before)
It takes about 80-90min.
Admission fee is 1800yen(adult).

Boat captain explain scenery with Japanese jokes sometime.

I went there in Jan with 3years old kids, quite enjoyable with feeding spot-billed duck.

The best season would be Autumn with beautiful colored leaves, or May with new green leaves.

5.02 months ago

Beautiful place to visit. It's a bit hard to get too, but there's a very helpful toruist office in Ichinoseki station that can help you figure out the bus system if you miss the train.

5.06 months ago

Beautiful place! Taking the boat and going into the gorge is just amazing. We went early November so we could see the autumn foliage. The boat ride is around 90 minutes with a stop inside the gorge.

5.04 months ago

Very beautiful, unfortunately there's some renovation on the river side but still a good place to visit. BTW the restaurant next to the entrance of the shipyard worth a TRY!

5.08 months ago

Was there last April. I was making a day trip from Sendai to Geibikei. It was awesome. We managed to catch snow scenary in April. We were lucky because it was snowing when we were departing for the boat ride
It was warm inside the boat.. As it moved on. You can see the Gorge covered by thick snow. The clear stream water just beneath you..

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