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Geibikei Cruise4.2

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Geibikei is a ravine located 15km northeast of Ichinoseki Station and famous for its flat-bottomed boat cruise. The boatman navigates the cruise with a pole and takes you through serene waters flanked with tall cliffs, some as high as 100m, and rocks and limestone caves covered with leafy trees. The scenery is spectacular with fall colors in October and November and with wisteria flowers draping from the cliffs in May.

On the boat, you are supposed to take off your shoes and sit on the floor mat. The tour takes about 90 minutes with the boatman singing chantey, and various fish like ayu and coi can be seen in the river. It is a 30-minute train ride from Ichinoseki Station. Don't confuse this spot with Genbikei (very similar name!) located to the west of Ichinoseki.

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5.05 months ago

A lovely time! Easy to get a ticket. Beautiful views, a jovial tour guide who made lots of dad jokes and word puns in Japanese along the way. His singing voice was incredible - ended up singing two songs for us on the return trip.

Beautiful in summer! I will go again someday in another season. Very worth it, highly recommend.

5.02 months ago

Beautiful gorge, with lots to see and take pictures of. The only way to see it is by taking a 90min guided boat ride (all in Japanese but with an English language pamphlet provided) and it is well worth the price. We went on a Saturday and I would suggest avoiding the weekend as it was very busy.

5.02 months ago

Cruising with boat to see lots of amazing views. The river is clear and very clean and don't forget to buy food for the animal at the counter or at boat when cruising. At the end the boatman will sing a japanese song for us to enjoy the moment

5.02 months ago

Wonderful and relaxing. Float across the river as the boatman (or -woman) will sing a song, and you admire the koi fish. The ducks are quicker in getting the food though ;-)

4.02 months ago

Beautiful scenery! The trip did not disappoint. You have to pay for parking though, which made them loose 1 star.

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