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Geibikei is a ravine located 15km northeast of Ichinoseki Station and famous for its flat-bottomed boat cruise. The boatman navigates the cruise with a pole and takes you through serene waters flanked with tall cliffs, some as high as 100m, and rocks and limestone caves covered with leafy trees. The scenery is spectacular with fall colors in October and November and with wisteria flowers draping from the cliffs in May.

On the boat, you are supposed to take off your shoes and sit on the floor mat. The tour takes about 90 minutes with the boatman singing chantey, and various fish like ayu and coi can be seen in the river. It is a 30-minute train ride from Ichinoseki Station. Don't confuse this spot with Genbikei (very similar name!) located to the west of Ichinoseki.

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4.03 weeks ago

I really enjoyed the boat ride here. It took 1 hour and a half approximately. The boat will make a 15 minutes stop and we can walk a bit further into the gorge. During the boat ride, we can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the gorge. It is so peaceful. If you come visit here in Autumn, you will enjoy the red, yellow and orange colors of the trees here.

5.0a week ago

It was absolutely beautiful! The boat ride in the gorge was amazing! The boat man even sang an ancient song for us. I 100% recommend this place

5.03 months ago

It was an amazing experience since I have not experienced anything like it before. We went during winter and the boat had the heated table mat and clear covering over top. The boat ride back was extra special with the tour guide singing us a traditional song. The hour long ride was just long enough. Would highly recommend!

4.05 months ago

This scenic spot is recommended. We came here during quiet season after November. The guide did not speak much English but still tried hard to inform us the scenic spot along. The scenes along the route and in the area we got off the boat were beautiful even all leaves fell off the trees. Definitely will come again in another season's like spring and falls. We came pretty late on Saturday and luck enough to catch on the Pokemon train.

5.02 months ago

Strongly recommend this! Boat staff can sing folk songs on the way back. Amazing experience.

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