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Ryusendo is a limestone cave in the mountains of Iwaizumi Town in Iwate Prefecture. It is considered one of Japan's three great limestone caverns, with the other two being Akiyoshido in Yamaguchi Prefecture and Ryugado in Kochi Prefecture.

The explored portion stretches over 3,100m. A 30-minutes tour takes you to the 700m walkway to see a mysterious formation of limestone pillars and underground lakes with emerald-green glow. The deepest lake here is one of the most transparent lakes in the world. The walkway includes steep stairs but is mostly well done. No photos in the cave.

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5.03 weeks ago

One of the nicest cave I have came across. Easy access by JR bus (East Exit Bus stop No 1) from Morioka station. Definitely worth a visit.

5.02 weeks ago

Its a beautiful cave with lots of underground lakes. Only about 700m of it is accessible to the public. Towards the end of the route, there are quite a few staircases to ascend and descend, some of them are rather narrow. So, people with mobility issues, be warned.

5.03 months ago

Definitely worth seeing! While the cave is quite expansive, it has some small spaces and the floor is quite slick so be sure to wear appropriate shoes. There was one point where you climb 4-5 stories worth of stairs to the highest point in the cave and the stairs can be slick and narrow at times so be prepared for that and bring a bottle of water, you'll need it by the end. The cost of entrance when I went was ¥1000.

5.06 months ago

Fantastic experience. The cave is beautiful. It's chilly inside so remember to bring a coat or jumper. We visited when it wasn't so busy so were able to take some lovely photos (tripods are allowed)

Some of the stairs are steep and a couple of areas are a little bit of a squeeze but even a large man like me had no problems haha.

Highly recommended.

5.0a month ago

Amazing...... You should goooooo. Make sure to check out the science museum. Be sure to take a jacket as it gets cold the deeper you go.

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