Kappa-buchi Pool

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Kappa-buchi Pool (Water Demon Pool, Kappa-buchi)2.2

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Located in a stream behind the Joken-ji Temple, Tono in Iwate prefecture, this pool is said to be a place where the Kappas (legendary water demons or river spirits) have lived and would frightened the people. The small shrine by the riverside is dedicated to the Kappa and pregnant women worship here for abandunt milk for her baby. Ruins of a samurai residence, the Abe-yashiki Ato, are located around the pool.

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3.02 years ago

Kappabuchi is a must on the Tono tourist trail. It is a remarkably creepy little grove, and easy to get to following signs out of Tono town centre. However, it should be said that there is not alot to actually DO here. It's more about soaking up the atmosphere. "Yokai" hunters will enjoy it, but maybe it's a bit boring for children.

4.04 years ago

A wonderfully refreshing little place with a beautifully clear stream. If your timing is right you can go fishing for kappa using a cucumber tied to a fishing poll. You'll need a kappa fishing license which can be bought at the tourism center or Kaze no Oka rest stop.

5.03 years ago


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