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Sightseeing information about English Coast in Japan.

English Coast (British Coast, Igirisu-kaigan)2.4

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This river bank, where River Kitakami and River Sarugaishi meets, is one of the Scenic Areas of Ihatov in Iwate Prefecture. It was named the English Coast by Kenji Miyazawa for its white colored mudstone layers reminded him of the White Cliffs of Dover, England. Today, the layers are rarely seen due to the water level of the river is controlled to be higher.

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5.03 years ago

A wonderful place

4.0a year ago

beautiful view

3.0in the last week

At the time when Kenji Miyazawa was watching, Kawadoko seems to be visible only on certain days now, but it is a good place to take a walk while taking a look. There is a parking lot in the back of the apartment along the riverbank.

4.0in the last week


4.03 weeks ago

From the British coast this morning
A phoenix in the morning sky Fantastic
A horde of crows moves from the ridge

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