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Koiwai Farm4.4

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Koiwai, at the base of Mr. Iwate, is one of the largest private dairy farms. Against the background of beautiful pastoral and floral scenery, the farm offers the horse riding, sheep-and-dog shows, delicious treats made with the farm's fresh milk and eggs, and the museum to learn 120 years of its history.

A lot of fans of Miyazawa Kenji, who wrote about Koiwai, flock here regularly. The farm was used as a shooting location of the 2003 Japanese Academy Award film, When the Last Sword Is Drawn. From late April to early November, 1-hour bus tour is available.

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5.02 months ago

Very big place made for families, the kids can have fun.

2.07 months ago

Here me out. My family and I were so excited about this place. The grounds are beautiful and they have a lot of fun activities. However, if you plan to actually do anything you will go broke. We thought that the entrance fee was for something but everything costs another 500 yen or more per person. Not worth the drive or the hundreds of dollars you will spend here!

3.04 months ago

Nice place for family. Lack of toilet and vendo machine. You have to walk far just to get a water bottle.

*Bring your own water so you dont have to walk around just to get a water / drinks.

*Lots of bugs lol

**Bring extra clothes

** Foreign friendly

5.03 months ago

Nice place unwind from your busy routine

4.08 months ago

Great place! We went there with my little daughter and she really enjoyed to see all the animals especially the rabbits and the poneys. I personally liked the sheeps, so cute! You can also find the cow farm on the other side and it's quite huge and important.
There is a huge grass area where you can picnic with the view on Iwate San. You can bring your own food that's a good point.
Don't forget to eat some ice creams it's so delicious! The only negative point is that you have to pay for the others activities offered (little trains, trempoline etc.) and it's not really cheap.

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