Chusonji Temple

Sightseeing information about Chusonji Temple in Japan.

World Heritage: Chusonji Temple4.7

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Chusonji is about 30 min walk from Hiraizumi station, reached through a pleasant path lined with cedar trees. The main attraction is the wooden Golden Hall built in 1124 that is covered all over in gold leaf. Inside are numerous bronze statues also covered in gold.

For a century, the northern branch of the Fujiwara clan came to prominence using their gold-mining wealth, and Hiraizumi's splendor once rivaled that of Kyoto. There used to be a total of 300 buildings with 40 temples, but feudal strife and massive fires in the 13-14th centuries destroyed nearly everything so that now only two buildings from that era remain intact.

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4.0in the last week

VERY steep slope starting, had us all out of breath, and our legs were burning... Great exercise though! The little golden Temple was very interesting, they built a building around it to protect it from the elements. Not as impressive as kinkakuji in Kyoto, but still nice to look at. The haiku stones along the path were also interesting! It's a lesser known Temple area, but still worth a visit.

5.0a month ago

Lovely site, being in Iwate it is off the major tourist path in Japan. Went in off season in the snow, very moody and atmospheric. The golden pavilion is very impressive.

5.02 months ago

World heritage site, beautiful and historic. I went during the off season in the snow and there was literally no tourists. Write a wish on the wooden tiles and tie them to the shrine for good luck.

5.04 months ago

We arrived to this place unfortunately on a rainy day in October. The uphill trek was not only was muddy but also slippery. Ropes were installed for trekkers to hold on to. Sacks of soil were placed for sturdy steps. At the end of the long trek is a temple. It's a nice place to prayer. Otherwise there is really nothing much to see.

4.05 months ago

An enjoyable place to spend a day. There is much to see and photograph. Highly recommend seeing the place with a guide to fully appreciate the places you are visiting otherwise you will miss most of the historical aspects.

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