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Miyazawa Kenji Memorial Museum2.8

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Born in Hanamaki, Iwate prefecture, Kenji Miyazawa was a famous poet and novelist in the early 20th century as well as an agricultural science teacher, a cellist and a religionist. The museum exhibit his original manuscripts and personal belongings with videos showing his works and his life of 37 years.

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4.0a year ago

A very interesting place. It would be very helpful for non Japanese speaking tourists if an English translation was available as Miyagawa Kenji is read in translation around the world.

3.0a year ago

More user friendly than some museums, but every panel must be accessed through a QR code for English translations, making the experience slightly clunky and longer than it should be. Good to visit if familiar with Miyazawa's work, but otherwise not a must see attraction

4.0a year ago

The museum is a great place to visit, its a little out of the way so worth driving to - if you do decide to walk though there is a fairly lengthy stairway up the side of the hill that taunts you by telling you how many steps there are at the bottom haha - its a small museum so doesnt take long to walk around

4.0a year ago

Kenji Miyazawa is quite the well-rounded writer. He delved into Archeology, Agriculture, and a bit of Astronomy and Cosmology.

If you watched the anime movie entitled The Life if Guskou Boduri, the original story is Kenji's work. He is known for his children'e stories and fairy tales.

If you are wondering about the presence of cat imagery in the place, read The Restaurant of A Many Orders.

4.0a year ago

good museum to know Miyazawa Kenji also could take a lot of cool picture

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