Genbikei Gorge

Sightseeing information about Genbikei Gorge in Japan.

Genbikei Gorge4.3

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Genbikei Gorge, located 10km west of Ichinoseki Station, has a series cascades in its stream flanked with huge, rugged boulders. The waters downstream from these cascades are amazingly clear, looking emerald green reflecting leafy trees and tinted with cherry blossoms in spring, azaleas in early summer and maples in autumn. A 2km-long trail running along the gorge takes you to a few bridges crossing over the splashes and some rocks at the close edge.

This gorge is also famous for its 'flying dango' service. Dango are sweet rice dumplings and the reason they are called flying is you place your order on one side of the river and send it in a basket hanging on a rope stretched over to the other side. The basket is pulled up into the store and comes back flying to you with dango and green tea.

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4.0a month ago

Quite hot in summer time but nice view.

4.02 months ago

Nice area for a short stroll and some delicious dango. Parking is JPY 700 at the nearby parking lot, or free if you purchase or eat something at the adjacent stores.

5.02 months ago

Been to place around 5 times, it never disappoint you, whatever weather it is,
best time is in eveneing to capture sunset view, dont miss nearby bridge walk, take time to enjoy beauty of this place, nearby parking is paid,

Travel Hack- park your vechnicle in nearby Michino Eki for free and cleaned washroom to use.

5.0a month ago

Oh! Try out the flying momo!

5.08 months ago

Had an amazing time here. Its a beautiful and serene place that has tons of natural beauty. Found parking easily and it was easy to travel on foot.

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