Genbikei Gorge

Sightseeing information about Genbikei Gorge in Japan.

Genbikei Gorge4.3

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Genbikei Gorge, located 10km west of Ichinoseki Station, has a series cascades in its stream flanked with huge, rugged boulders. The waters downstream from these cascades are amazingly clear, looking emerald green reflecting leafy trees and tinted with cherry blossoms in spring, azaleas in early summer and maples in autumn. A 2km-long trail running along the gorge takes you to a few bridges crossing over the splashes and some rocks at the close edge.

This gorge is also famous for its 'flying dango' service. Dango are sweet rice dumplings and the reason they are called flying is you place your order on one side of the river and send it in a basket hanging on a rope stretched over to the other side. The basket is pulled up into the store and comes back flying to you with dango and green tea.

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4.02 weeks ago

Nice place. Took a boat up the river. Tour is in Japanese, so if you can't understand that you're missing out on some interesting stuff

5.02 months ago

Stunningly beautiful. Make sure to walk around the area to get multiple views. There's one area on the side opposite of the dango wire, just past the bridge and gazebo, where one can get down to the water.

5.010 months ago

Awesome gorge. There are restaurants and many parkings there so you don't have to worry. Take your camera, your eyes and go find happiness. Don't miss the bridge!!

5.0a year ago

Flying Ricecake was very delicious, I was veery overwhelmed the owner played the Austria national anthem and put the Austria flag to the basket with the ricecake which was sent via ropeway oder the river. Then we visited the owner, he invited us to coffee and water, showed us around his restaurant and make Fotos and printed them directly for us. A nice guy, Great Atmosphaere, a greeaaat experience.

5.0a year ago

Had such an amazing time here! Firstly the scenery is amazing. We were here in autumn so we got to experience all the brilliant colours on display. The gorge is very picturesque. The best part though was the flying dumplings. The dumplings are really a kind of mochi ball with some sauce. They were nice but what you really pay for is the experience. You put your yen in the basket on one side of the gorge, hit the mallet on the wooden slab and the basket wizzes across to the other side where the yen is replaced by dumplings and the basket is sent back. Because we so obviously look like tourists the guy on the other side tried to guess where we were from by holding various flags out the window. He couldn't guess but when we shouted across that we are Australian he quickly got th Aussie flag AND played the national anthem over a stereo as our dumplings came back. And if all that wasn't enough when we got over to his side of the gorge he invited us up into his dumpling hidey-hole and chatted and we took pictures. Highlight of our trip!

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