Miyazawa Kenji Ihatov Museum

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Miyazawa Kenji Ihatov Museum (Miyazawa Kenji Ifatov-kan)1.8

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This museum is a center for both fans and researchers of Kenji Miyazawa's works. Books, documents, research papers and newspaper clippings about Miyazawa and his activities are housed on the second floor, while on the first floor offers halls and exhibition rooms. Copies of his books and DVDs, some of them are found in different languages, are sold at the gift shop, along with postcards and other souvenirs.

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3.02 months ago

The building is modern and the water flowing in steps creates a cool atmosphere. Water is irreplaceable for agriculture, so it feels exaggerated. The interior was disappointing 😖⤵️ with souvenirs, cafes, some exhibits and quite depressed contents. Compared to the surrounding facilities, it is free here, so
It may be unavoidable.

5.0a week ago

I lived in Toyama City at that time and visited after the Miyazawa Kenji Museum in the summer of 2005. There were few exhibits, but the books were all very carefully selected. I was just doing the Suzuki Tozo exhibition. Around this time, I was wearing an Ame ni Mo Makezu notebook. The poster of the Suzuki Tozo exhibition was pasted, so when I told the receptionist that I wanted a poster, the last one was left, so I gave it to me. The poster is still at home.
I ordered and sent the exhibition "Ihatov Stone" commemorating the 120th anniversary of Kenji Miyazawa's birth. It is the world of Kenji Miyazawa, who loves stones. This mineral is called a gemstone because stones also have power. "Power Stone Encyclopedia" by Mr. Shizue Yagawa, the godfather of Power Stone. This is not just a classification of gemstones, but a deep dive into the history and classification of minerals.

5.02 months ago

The exhibition plan is attractive. I also enjoyed the mini theater of Kenji's fairy tale. Admission is free!

4.04 months ago

A facility provided outside the memorial hall.
The impression that the water-filled terrace on the way was so beautiful.
If you like Kenji, don't forget to visit this too.

4.09 months ago

There are few exhibits compared to the Miyazawa Kenji Memorial Hall and the fairy tale village, but can anyone who is familiar with Kenji related works enjoy it?
There is a library on the second floor and there are many things about Kenji Miyazawa
There seems to be a screening of a fairy tale, but when I went there was no way to do it, I wanted to see it but I wanted to hear what was going on

The stalls are good for souvenirs and there are many related books
There is also a cafe space
There are few seats

You can relax because there are fewer people than in other places
Best of all, it's free!

行 き I went again a few months later
I was watching a fairy tale screening so I could watch it
(If not, it will be shown if you ask)
Cafe space was vacant, so I got pasta
Very quiet and relaxing
The view is also good
It is recommended to sit while looking outside or inside the building or thinking about your seat

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