Inari-ana Cave

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Inari-ana is a 1km (0.6mile) long cave situated at the southern foot of Mt. Omabu-yama in Tono, Iwate prefecture. Water welling out of this cave was selected one of the Iwate's top 20 spring water. Permission from the city authorities is required to enter the cave.

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4.02 months ago

Quiet! It's a soft spring that springs rather than a door!

3.0a month ago

There is a delicious soba restaurant nearby (contact in advance).

3.09 months ago

The limestone cave is said to be 1,000 km long. We cannot enter now, but bat inhabits. It seems to have produced famous waters, worshiped the water gods, and had been performing ceremonies for rain since ancient times. The good quality water grows Tono specialty wasabi. Visitors usually return home with water. There is a sign at the water fetching site saying that it has been sterilized by ultraviolet light, so it is safe.
Sometimes people don't visit so often, and the silence and the atmosphere of water create a mystery.
In early August, the “Inari Hole Festival” will be held, with events such as local performing arts, children's dance, coffee using famous water, drifting noodles, and rainbow trout fishing.

5.011 months ago

I came for the first time, but I felt a different feeling of air. Because it was the turn of the current season, the temperature fell and it was cold, but as soon as I passed through the torii, I felt light.

A good shrine where you can only see the number of worshipers but feel the existence of God!

It feels like I'm watching people who have come to the ears of Komaji, who is not a guardian dog.

The shrine's main shrine is crimson and feels like Inari on the roof ☺️

There is a limestone cave with a small hole on the other side of the main hall, and beautiful water is coming out. You can pump water before this!

5.0a month ago

Easy access by car, large parking lot and easy to drop in.

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