Kakkonda Valley

Sightseeing information about Kakkonda Valley in Japan.

Kakkonda Valley (Kakkonda Gorge, Kakkonda Keikoku)2.9

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Located upstream on the River Kakkonda (Kakkonda-gawa), the southern foot of Mt. Iwate (Iwate-san), this scenic valley extends 10km (6 mile)from Genbu Cave (Genbu-do) to Takinoue Hot Spring. The primeval beech tree forests and other large-leaved trees line along the valley and you can enjoy the beauty of fresh green leaves in the spring and colored ones in the autumn. The Torigoe Falls (Torigoe-no-taki), located deep in the valley, plunges 30m(100ft) below and provides a breathtaking view. The best time for seeing autumn leaves in most years is from early to mid-October.

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5.03 months ago

It was a wonderful autumn foliage. The trees sticking to the cliffs rising from the canyon and the rain-wet leaves brought out even more contrast.
It was good that Takinoue Onsen was also light water

5.04 months ago

I visited for the first time when I learned that the autumn leaves are wonderful. The volcanic plume in the back of Genbudo and Torigoe Falls in the waterfall garden was wonderful. I wonder if the autumn leaves are just right. Is there anyone who says that there is still more?

4.05 months ago

If anything, it may be a course suitable for motorcycles.
The view is good.
However, it gets cold even in summer, so be prepared for cold weather.
Immediately after a heavy rain or typhoon, it is dangerous because the shoulders collapse, water and earth and sand remain on the roadway, and there are fallen trees, so do not overdo it.
A megalith that I haven't seen much is rumbling on the riverbed.
This is proof that natural disaster-grade rapids are occurring frequently.

4.0a year ago

I went for the autumn leaves.
As I went deeper, the road narrowed and the water flowed quite a bit and I had a hard time.
The autumn leaves are just the right time.
There was also a hot spring so I'll try it next time.

4.0a year ago

There are narrow roads where only one car can go along the way, and it is a little difficult to go, but the scenery is wonderful.

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