Gindoro Park

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Gindoro Park (Gindoro Koen, White Poplar Park)1.9

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Kenji Miyazawa, a poet and an agricultural science teacher, taught in the 1920s at Hanamaki Agricultural High School in the Hanamaki city, Iwate prefecture. The school was later relocated and the Gindoro Park (Gindoro Koen) was constructed on the former site. Trees of Gindoro (white poplar/silverleaf poplar) which Miyazawa loved were planted in the park, and a monument inscribed with his poem "So-shun(Early Spring)" as well as stone statues of characters from his story "Kaze no Matasaburo(Matasaburo of the Wind)" are found on site.

PurposeLiterature,autumn foliage,sightseeing
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Great park! Beautiful. More spacious than most in the area. Nice walking path.

1.02 years ago

There are people who do not follow the rules and manners

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