Motsuji Temple

Sightseeing information about Motsuji Temple in Japan.

World Heritage: Motsuji Temple3.9

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Motsuji Temple was established in the year 850, together with nearby Chusonji Temple. As the northern branch of the Fujiwara clan flourished for a century, Motsuji also rose to prominence with over 40 temple buildings and 500 monk residences. By the 16th century, the original structure had been gone due to repeated fires, just as the haiku poet Basho, on his visit here in 1689, lamented with a poem - "All that remained from warriors' dream was summer grass".

Today, this place is known for the 12th-century 'Pure Land' gardens based on the Buddhist concept of the earthly paradise. The highlight is the beautiful scenery of the large pond surrounded by cedar and pine trees.

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4.04 months ago

Feels so relaxed and at peace during the visit to this temple in Hiraizumi. The temple itself isn't extravagant and beautifully designed or decorated as Chusonji temple but the surrounding area with trees and lake exudes positive energy that will uplift your spirit.

5.0a year ago

A very beautiful and scenic Buddhist temple that is designated as an UNESCO cultural/heritage site. There is a also a very large garden with a footpath that accompanies the temple and its buildings, which are placed around a scenic lake. The walk around the lake offers very different views depending on where you are on the path. You can see sites of where temples used to stand (some were burnt down in wars, etc.) as well as the ones that still remain to this day. During the walk around the lake on the footpath, there is a large bell in a belfry, a gentle stream that empties into the lake, as well as a set of strategically-placed rocks and stones made to resemble a landscape. Most definitely worth the entrance fee. Very highly recommended!

3.09 months ago

Nice garden, but if you are on a tight schedule it won’t be my first choice

5.0a year ago

A relatively small temple, but a UNESCO site and off the tourist trail somewhat. Pretty lake (I went in Winter when it was frozen over), but easy to see that it would be very pretty in summer and autumn. Well worth a visit

4.0a year ago

Beautiful garden. The pond yield different scenery from all sides. Delightful.

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