Shinshoji Temple / Shinsho-ji

Sightseeing information about Shinshoji Temple / Shinsho-ji in Japan.

Shinshoji Temple (Minobu Branch Temple) / Shinsho-ji(Minobu Betsuin)1.6

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Shinshoji Temple, or Minobu Betsuin Branch Temple, is a historical temple of Nichiren Sect which was built in 1394 in Hanamaki city, Iwate prefecture. The Nanbu Clan, which ruled Tohoku (northeastern)region of Japan for over 700 years, established and supported this temple and their family grave is found in the cemetery, as well as the family grave of the local celebrity, Kenji Miyazawa. The statue of Saint Nichiren, which is said to be made in the Kamakura period (the late 12th - early 14th century), is also located here.

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5.02 weeks ago

I participated in Kenji Miyazawa's 88th anniversary memorial service from 1:00 pm on September 21st.

I was deeply moved because I wanted to visit in front of the grave.
After the memorial service, I was deeply moved to hear the story of Kenji Miyazawa, my superior.

When I heard that Kenji Miyazawa died hoping for the happiness of the people of the world rather than himself until the end, I was keenly aware of my stupidity.

Thank you for listening to the thankful law story.

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5.0a month ago

We had a pleasant young person respond.
Goshuin seems to support even when the litigation is held in the main hall.
It was written on the sticker, and you actually wrote it.

5.03 weeks ago

Kenji's grave festival will be held on the afternoon of September 21st. The lectures on Mr. Kenji of Osho are quite substantial. In 2020, the Kenji Festival was held while it was being canceled.

5.02 weeks ago


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