Esashi Fujiwara-no-sato

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Esashi Fujiwara-no-sato (Fujiwara Heritage Park)4.0

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Esashi Fujiwara-no-sato in Oshu City is a theme park to experience Heian-era (794-1185) Japan. The park is based on historical studies on the Oshu Fujiwara clan, the northern branch of the Fujiwara family in Kyoto and rulers of the Tohoku region in the 12th century. The 20-hector park is an imaginary city with a palace, a guest house, a temple and other 120 buildings that represent historical structures in Kyoto and Hiraizumi in the period.

The theme park was opened in 1993 and has since been used as a shooting location for a number of period films and TV dramas. Some buildings have life-size mannequins of historical figures and offer an opportunity to try on Heian-period costume. There is a museum with English explanation and a restaurant serving Iwate's delicacies.

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5.0a month ago

Very wide and beautiful acent facility

5.0a year ago

Here it is possible to imagine what it was like in the era of 1100s' Japan. The rulers here tried to maintain peace and prosper. Before visiting Hiraizumi, where many spots are registered as world heritage, it is good to come here first as an introduction.

5.02 years ago

Been here a couple of times and I love this place

4.0in the last week

所要時間 約2時間程で!ドラマ館から見学しました!そして朱色が鮮やかな建物と広場 ここで陰陽師などが撮影されたのだろうなと思いながら さらに奥に進み平安の貴族の暮らしが垣間見れる屋敷へ・・奥に進むとトリックアートが これ楽しい😉ですね~是非みなさんも!訪れた時 偶然キングコングの西野さんのアートが展示されておりました❗とても素敵✨でしたよ~😉綺麗✨その後 山の上にある建物へ!けっこう傾斜あります バスでも上がれるようですよ(有料)・・大木の切り株が奉ってありました個人的に これ好きですね!

4.02 months ago


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