Mt. Goyozan

Sightseeing information about Mt. Goyozan in Japan.

Mt. Goyozan (Mt. Goyo, Goyo-zan)3.3

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Among the Kitakami mountains, Iwate prefecture, Mt.Goyo is the closest to the ocean and from its summit (elevation of 1351m/4432ft) you can view the Pacific Ocean from the Yamada Bay (Yamada-wan) in Iwate to the Mt.Kinka (Kinka-zan) in Miyagi. The hike to the summit takes approximately two hours, with a rest stop along the Tatami-ishi Boulder and the torii gate at the halfway up. There is the Hie-jinjya shrine just before the summit, from where the slope leads down to the field of rhododendron brachycarpum(Hakusan Shakunage). Rhododendrons, which bloom in early July, can be also seen around the mountain hut Shakunage-so along with spring water.
Other sightseeing spots on the mountain include stone pillars named the Hinode-iwa-rocks, the Kuro-iwa-boulders and colonies of azaleas.

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