Narushima Bishamondo Temple

Sightseeing information about Narushima Bishamondo Temple in Japan.

Narushima Bishamondo Temple1.9

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Narushima Bishamondo Temple, located in Hanamaki city, Iwate prefecture, is estimated to be built in the Muromachi period (1336-1573 A.D.). This temple is famous for its Tobatsu Bishamonten, the wooden statue of Bishamonten (the god of war) standing on palms of the goddess of the earth, which was made in the Heian period (794-1192 A.D.). The statue, 4.73 m (15.5 ft) in height with the god and the goddess in total, is the tallest Buddhist statue carved in one piece of zelkova tree. The temple and the statue are both designated as the National Important Cultural Properties.

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5.0a month ago

It is a very nice shrine.
The statue of Bishamon is also great, and I think that there is no loss even if you see it once.

In winter you don't know if you can climb to the top by car, so it's better to go when there is no snow!

4.03 months ago

A place where child crying sumo is held. There is a fine ring in the precincts. There is a wildflower garden in the foreground. Is it a little difficult to understand? In order to see the desired image, we will walk deep inside. I don't have a good foothold, so be careful when it rains. Also, don't forget the admission fee.
You can walk up from the foot, but if you don't worry about your knees or lower back. I didn't know anything about parking lots, so be careful when parking.

5.02 weeks ago

To be honest, I visited without much expectation, but I was surprised at the larger Bishamonten statue I expected. By the way, you can enter the precincts for free, but there is a charge for visiting Bishamonten.
The person in charge will guide you when you visit. (I don't know if he will always do it)
The precincts of the shrine are also clean and it feels good just to walk inside.

5.02 weeks ago


4.0a year ago

It is a masterpiece of the Sakai Tenten, and is a Giant Buddha of the end of the Heian period that is built in the hands of a local celestial maiden. The weight is over 1cm. The two demons on the side are humorous. It ’s a common “heavenly evil spirit” and you've fallen on yourself (laughs)

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