Kitakami Tenshochi Park

Sightseeing information about Kitakami Tenshochi Park in Japan.

Kitakami Tenshochi Park4.3

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This park alongside the Kitakami River is well-known as a cherry-blossom viewing spot. The walking paths are lined with around 10,000 cherry trees of 150 different varieties, blooming from mid-April to early May. The most prominent is a 2km-long avenue starting from the Sango Bridge.

The park is considered one of top three cherry-viewing spots in the Tohoku region, together with Hirosaki in Aomori Prefecture and Kakunodate in Akita Prefecture. The park also hosts about 100,000 azalea trees which flourish after the cherry blossom season. Check out an open-door folklore museum and the memorial hall dedicated to a poet, Sato Hachiro.

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5.03 months ago

Great place to see cherry blossom 🌸🌸hope one day will go there again 🌸🌸🇯🇵

5.010 months ago

You can take a small ferry to cross the river to go. However, the signboard diverted people to walk along the main street which has nothing to see. Just go straight towards the riverbank and decide whether you want to take the ferry. The pier is full of people. Walk along the riverbank and cross the bridge to go. You won't regret for such decision because of the beautiful scenic. If you are feed up with sakura, you can walk inside the park which has a lot of entertaining performance.

4.011 months ago

The park stretches about 2km with a wide open green area, paths that stretch through a long line of over 10,000 cherry trees that also follows the shores of the Kitakami river.
There are a couple of parking lots that are usually free to use and cost some money during cherry blossom season.
In the middle of the park there are museums, a rest house with a gift shop and a restaurant, and couple of public toilets.

5.010 months ago

Great spot for viewing Cherry Blossoms in this area. The long winding path along the river provides for some stunning views

4.011 months ago

Tenshochi in Kitakami is one of the best places to enjoy the cherry blossoms in Iwate. Expect to see a lot of people. It's best to take public transportation.

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