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View of Hell Observatory (Jigoku Nozoki)2.5

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Jigoku Nozoki, literally meaning "Peeping into Hell", is the name of the observatory which is located on a steep cliff in Kyonan-machi Town, Chiba Prefecture. From the tip of a rock that sticks out at the top of Mt. Nokogiri-yama in the precincts of Nihon-ji Temple, it is thrilling to look down 100 meters (328 feet) into a quarry at the bottom. Turning your eyes you can also have a spectacular view of Tokyo Bay and the gently sloping mountains.

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5.03 months ago

There was a queue to get to the Hell Peek Point to take a picture. We waited in the slow moving line for about 1 hour and 20min. Luckily weather was good and the view was lovely.

5.04 months ago

The most beautiful place not to miss if you are going on adventure to japan
It’s in Chiba located towards edge of Chiba maps
There are lots of Buddhist sculptures and temple that are so wonderful and nice
The mountain top is another most dangerous and so beautiful it’s safety to visited is well mention and nothing to worry
There are lots of people visiting and try to visit so early that you will never miss area around
Don’t forget to take some water or juice it’s long long way to walk here and there
There are lot of good restaurant at base camp
Good luck
I miss the place

4.04 months ago

A refreshing place with a nice view! Looking down directly from the view point, it literally is hell since all you see are trees and rocks! But when you look at the sea, it is really relaxing and breathtaking.
Going up the peek point, you might encounter a really long line which everybody else is wondering about and still, no one ever dare to ask the people who are walking back down. (I don’t speak Japanese well was my excuse). After wasting probably 20 minutes of my time waiting, I decided to just walk straight. ‘Impatient?’ you might say but I was really glad I did. If you are about taking photos and all, then, yeah okay, stand in line but trust me, you wouldn’t want to waste your time there as the view is all the same.
I mean, I was alone and no one was there to take a great shot of me anyway.

After this stop, you can continue walking down to see the humongous buddha, which I learned is the biggest in Japan!

Overall it was a great hike, recommended for anyone who needs exercise, who needs to de-stress, people who need alone time and for people who just want to go for a walk.

After my walk here, I had always wondered why Japanese people are so afraid to ask other Japanese when they speak the same language.
Maybe it’s their Culture?

5.06 months ago

‪Nice hiking spot with great coastal views! There's breathtaking viewpoints, giant carved Buddha and 1,500 Rakan statues (disciples of Buddha), and amazing nature all around. The small Rakan statues are really cool to see, some of them missing their heads, a lot of them covered in moss. If you are not into hiking, there is a cable car to the top to save the trouble and time.‬

5.010 months ago

Tiring but rewarding. Great 360-degree view after walking up the 1500 steps.

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