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View of Hell Observatory (Jigoku Nozoki)2.5

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Jigoku Nozoki, literally meaning "Peeping into Hell", is the name of the observatory which is located on a steep cliff in Kyonan-machi Town, Chiba Prefecture. From the tip of a rock that sticks out at the top of Mt. Nokogiri-yama in the precincts of Nihon-ji Temple, it is thrilling to look down 100 meters (328 feet) into a quarry at the bottom. Turning your eyes you can also have a spectacular view of Tokyo Bay and the gently sloping mountains.

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5.0a month ago

‪Nice hiking spot with great coastal views! There's breathtaking viewpoints, giant carved Buddha and 1,500 Rakan statues (disciples of Buddha), and amazing nature all around. The small Rakan statues are really cool to see, some of them missing their heads, a lot of them covered in moss. If you are not into hiking, there is a cable car to the top to save the trouble and time.‬

5.0a month ago

A must visit place in Chiba. Jigoku Nozoki (Hell peep) observatory overlooks Tokyo bay, Bōsō Peninsula, and Mt. Fuji.

5.08 months ago

Breathtaking view. Amazing scenery. A great place to visit, 2 hours from Tokyo Station. Lot of stairs so if it is super crowded, it might be problematic. I came on December. Not much tourist. Perfect for pictures and walking around.

5.0a month ago

Very beautiful place... A bit crowded... But the view is enchanting...

4.09 months ago

Lovely view but I'm not keen on pecerious ledges to stand however if you are then go for it! The reason I'm not giving it a 5 star is because firstly it is a little bit of a money grabbing situation and because we didn't get to see everything (it was due to a land slip) you would think they may reduce the price a bit as the part that was closed off was the part I was dying to see so ehh...also due to them blocking off paths (that from what we where told had been cleared just not reopened) we where forced to walk back up the mountain up a dangerous road which I highly recommend you NOT doing although the views up along the road where rather breath taking.. Literally it was knackering ha. 😅

Also last bit of warning do NOT miss the train! We missed ours by 10mins, there is no re-entering after you have exited the area without repurchasing a ticket 'apparently' and we then had to wait 3-4hours for the next one... 😭

There are better places to see and visit but if you have the time and are wondering what to do for a day out near Tokyo do this but make sure you take a packed lunch/snacks and plenty to drink as there isn't much around!

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