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Futtsu Aqua Farm, located in Futtsu City, Chiba Prefecture, is an agritourism farm where you can enjoy strawberry picking in its nearly 6,000-square-meter- (1.47-acre-) greenhouse. The strawberries, which are bee pollinated, are cultivated on upper and lower shelves in the greenhouse so that both adults and children can pick the fruits in a comfortable posture without bending over during the 30 minutes of all-you-can-eat strawberry picking. Its wide aisles allow wheelchairs and strollers to move inside the house easily. A kids playground, baby cots and a toilet for wheelchair users are available. Strawberry picking season is from mid-January to mid-May. You can also enjoy blueberry picking and purchase mangoes in summer.
http://park19.wakwak.com/~aquafarm/index.htm (Japanese)

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4.04 years ago

Good fun for kids. 30min of all-you-can-eat strawberry picking.

4.0a month ago

Every year on the first Saturday of March, I'm in the way with my eternal girls-only gathering and mom friends 🍓
Parking lot crowded and handed over every year
Looking forward to the reference number ... (It was early or late this year)
I'm enjoying it even before I enter the house
The variety of strawberries has increased again this year, and it's fun to compare them 🍓
I love black strawberries
Every strawberry has a large grain and I have never lost a lot of time to eat
So you can't just go to other farms 🍓

The facilities and the house are sharp, and the staff are also hungry.

4.03 months ago

It's near my parents' house, and I'm still indebted every year even after I quit the tour.

A tourist farm relatively in front of Boso.
Strawberry hunting is the best, but blueberry hunting is also done.

If you go from Chiba, turn right, but be careful of oncoming vehicles as you will turn in the middle of the mountain slope.

A gravel road from the entrance.
If you don't like gravel roads, I think you should go to Tateyama.

Pay the prepaid fee at the reception and you will be given a number tag, so wait until you are called.

There is a washroom at the entrance of the house.

After being taken to the designated place, there is a brief explanation such as how to take it, and all-you-can-eat until the time (40 minutes)

Since it is a shelf, even people with poor legs can enjoy it.
There are also various heights of the shelves, which makes it easy for children to take, but small children can put them under the shelves.

Be careful not to get lost because the house is large.

There are various varieties and the tastes are different, so you can enjoy it without condensed milk.

Some farms are noisy at times, but this is a sexual theory.
If there is nothing special, leave it to the customer (as a former tour con, I have never seen a customer who remains until the time limit is reached)

Bees are flying in the house for mating, but the needles have been pulled out because it is for agriculture. You can rest assured.
Also, bees will not attack unless they attack.

There is also a playground made of tires in the parking lot.

Since it is outdoors, it is cold during the strawberry picking season, but there is also a flush toilet.

Strawberry seedlings and strawberries are on sale.

It's a little more expensive (several hundred yen) than other farms, but I think it's better than failing at a low price.

5.0a month ago

Infectious disease prevention measures were also taken properly.
I was able to compare 5 types of food with all-you-can-eat for 40 minutes.
There were plenty of strawberries to eat.
Condensed milk is a system that you can purchase as you like.

4.03 weeks ago

2021.3.9 14:00 Visit before
When I called in advance, I couldn't make a reservation because the strawberry picking was a numbered ticket! It seems that it often ends around 14:00. Corona measures were also perfect!
The older sister at the reception was also a nice and kind person (^^)

40 minutes adult 2,000 yen
I was happy with the many big and sweet strawberries! I was able to compare the eating of Akihime and black strawberries.
I bought the jam as a souvenir and ate it, but it was delicious without any extras! The strawberry shake was also delicious!

There is also a playable space made of tires, and I have small children, so I thought it would be very helpful!
I thought it was kind to have a baby bed in the toilet and vinyl for throwing away diapers.
There are also vending machines and smoking areas, so it seems that my husband who smokes was happy.
I didn't have to wait this time, so I played after picking strawberries, but I think it's good because the waiting time is designed so that you can spend it on the spot!

The points I was interested in were that the bees were flying and there were some moldy strawberries, but both of them had strawberry hunting, so I didn't really care!
It doesn't do anything. I hate insects even though I know that they are necessary bees for delicious strawberries, so I enjoyed it with excitement lol

I would like to visit you again if you have the opportunity! !!

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