Funabashi Andersen Park

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Funabashi Andersen Park4.0

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An exciting place for both children and adults! Funabashi Andersen Park is one of the largest athletic fields in Japan where visitors can enjoy all day long. There are various interactive facilities in the vast field of about 39 hectares. Since it is not so crowded compared to other large-scale amusement parks, you can have fun without haste, and what's more noteworthy is that it is easily accessible from Tokyo Station.
Apart from athletic facilities, there is still more to see in the park full of nature such as seasonal flowers and plants or a river. There is also a studio where visitors can create their original artworks at the Children's museum in the park. Have a great time at Funabashi Andersen Park where you can watch, move around, be creative and have fun!

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4.03 months ago

It's massive the amount of stuff here to do will take the whole day there is so much to do, giant slides, athletic jungle, giant fields and a giant pool. For food German sausages, and a restaurant. I would recommend this place for people who like site seeing and athletics. There is also a wide path so people who like jogging can have a good time to.

5.09 months ago

I love this park! The entrance is 900 yen for adult. The park is huge with lots of options for kids (and even adults) to play. You can have a picnic there, enjoy the flowers (spring is the best season), play games and try different outdoor adventures. You can get the bus to this park from the Funabashi Station and it takes around 45 minutes to get there!

5.04 months ago

We have so much fun with family here. There are many adventurous park with many kinds of flowers.

5.04 months ago

Alot of place for relax and playing !cheap attraction for kids (horse riding, train, car,)

1.05 months ago

beautiful place, but not friendly to foreigners,they refused to offer disability discount to my friend,just beacuse she is a foreigner!!that is so sad!which never happened in other Japanese park. they shouldnt treat disabled people like that!!

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