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A French-born adventure facility in the natural forest where you can enjoy moving from tree to tree in the air wearing a special harness. In the Forest Adventure Tarzania, located in Nagara-machi Town, Chiba Prefecture, there are three courses available with more than 50 activities in total which adults and children can enjoy in the nature. Among them, the most exciting ones are the Long Zip Slide where you can enjoy gliding with a total length of 445 meters (1460 feet) and the Tarzan Swing that makes you feel like plunging into the sky.

Adventure Course (Reservation required):
5 Site 28 Activity
Time required approx 2 hours
Elementary school students and above
Height 140cm(4.59 feet) or more
Weight up to 100kg (220.46 lbs)

Canopy Course (Reservation required):
4 site 30 activities
Time required approx 1.5 hours
No age limit
Height 110cm(3.6 feet) or more
Weight up to 100kg (220.46 lbs)

Long Zip Slide Course (Reservation Not required):
1 Activity
Time required approx 15 minutes
Elementary school students and above
Height 140cm(4.59 feet) or more
Weight up to 100kg (220.46 lbs) (Japanese)

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5.07 months ago

Kids had so much fun! Perfect for 2 hours

1.0a year ago

I need to know how high do we need to be to be there

5.02 years ago

Had a great time on the Adventure course (1 adult & adventurous child, but note 140cm+ height requirement.) Canopy course recommended for smaller children. It takes about 2 hours to get around the adventure course, and you'll need to arrive 30 minutes before reservation time. Bring a change of clothes as you won't land on your feet all the time. If going for the big zip line afterwards, then parking in P8 is recommended to get straight back to the car afterwards.

5.02 years ago

This place is so much fun to take the kids. Highly recommended.

5.03 years ago

Awesome place to enjoy your whole day. There is something for everyone. There is no way to reach it by public transport as per my information. Loved the 400m zip line.

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