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Ryugujo Spa Hotel Mikazuki, located on the Kaneda Coast in Kisarazu City, Chiba Prefecture, offers an excellent location with views of Tokyo Bay in front and the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line expressway on the right, the Tanzawa Mountains and Mt. Fuji in the background. In its spa wing, there is the "Ryugu-no-Yu" public bath for men on the first floor and "Fuji-no-Yu" for women on the third and each has a large bath with a panoramic view. On its 5th floor, a buffet, a Japanese and a Chinese restaurants are available. On the hotel's site there is also an indoor swimming pool area "Aqua park" with a lazy river pool and a water slide, an outdoor heated swimming pool area "Ocean Spa" with a variety of spa and an outdoor swimming pool area "Garden Pool" with a lazy river and kids pools for summer only.
http://www.mikazuki.co.jp/ryugu/ (Japanese)

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4.03 months ago

Great price on the weekdays. Weekends are overpriced. Dinner buffet was awesome and the pools were lots of fun. Included tickets for 1000yen at the on site arcade and entrance tickets at Mother Farms.

4.02 months ago

Beautiful views before, during, and immediately after sunset. Check out the okonomiyaki and monja restaurant too. Overall a pretty fun day with the family. Children 3 and under are free! Be sure to get the 1500 yen discount entry tickets when you pre-purchase bus tickets at Tokyo Station too.

4.0a week ago

This place has a lot of different colors and smelled onsen there. There are two types of onsen and one is the onsen pool style where you have to wear swimwear. This is really good for going with family and friends. Another one is the typical onsen style which also has a lot of flavours you may want to try out. Recommended 👍 However the restaurant there is a little more expensive that what you expect from a normal all you can eat.

5.05 months ago

Came here with the wife for a night on a long weekend. I originally was looking for a place by the ocean, but naturally, since it was a holiday weekend, everywhere was booked up. For it's price, I was expecting a lot, but this hotel delivered. There are actually two hotels in this complex which was slightly confusing at first, but I'd made the reservation for the right one. We tried the pools, water park area, game area, and upstairs onsen which were all great. A highlight was the large stone bath in the room, which looked out over the sea. We watched the fountain light show from the bath at night. Dinner was great and breakfast was veey pleasant. It is buffet style with many options, so you'll be spoiled for choice.

5.0a year ago

it is a wonderful hotel for your kids!

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