Katsuura UnderSea Observatory

Sightseeing information about Katsuura UnderSea Observatory in Japan.

Katsuura UnderSea Observatory (Katsuura Kaichu Koen Kaichu Tenbo-to)2.0

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An observation tower built on the sea with a total height of 24.4 meters (80 feet) of which 8 meters (26 feet) is underwater at full tide. Being located 60 meters (65 yards) off the coast of Katsuura City, Chiba Prefecture, the above-water observation deck provide a great view of the Pacific Ocean glittering in the sun along with the convoluted coastline. Going down the spiral staircase from the deck, you can get to the underwater observation room. Through 24 porthole windows at the room, you can enjoy watching sea creatures including largescale blackfish, striped beakfish, pearl-spot chromis, wrasse, and even sharks depending on luck. Elevators/Lifts are NOT available.
http://www.katsuura.org/tower/index.html (Japanese)

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3.02 years ago

Place was interesting. You go under water 8 meters to look outside at fish. If it is clear? You can see lots of fish and things under water. If it is windy, the water will not be very clear, and you will only be able to see a few feet in the water, but they bait the fish to come close to the windows. The walk to the platform is interesting in itself. You get to see the result of many years of erosion be the waves and tide. I am uncertain if some of the shapes in the water were caused by acts of man. Overall, a good place to visit if you are in Katsuura prefecture.

4.04 years ago

Perhaps not everyone's cup of tea, but I liked it. It's a simple way to spend an hour or two. I enjoyed the concept (even though the water was kind of turbid on the day I went, making it difficult to see much). Best to go on a calm day; wind creates waves, which creates turbidity in the water.

5.04 months ago

Worth it.

4.03 years ago

Good. I enjoyed. So many fishes you can see.

5.04 years ago

Very nice, interesting, amazing place.

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