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Katsuura Morning Market (Katsuura Asaichi)2.0

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Katsuura Asaichi, held in Katsuura City, Chiba Prefecture, is one of the three largest morning market in Japan, along with ones of Noto Wajima in Ishikawa Prefecture and Hida Takayama in Gifu Prefecture. It has a history of more than 400 years - in 1591 the lord at that time opened a market to promote local industry by exchanging agricultural products and seafood. Every morning except on New Year's Day and Wednesday, there are about 70 stalls lined along the streets with fresh seafood that have just been landed at Katsuura Fishing Port and dried seafood, as well as vegetables, fruits and flowers from local farmers. Business hours are from 6:00 to 11:00 (most of items are prepared by 8 to 9 o'clock). You can also enjoy talking with cheerful and friendly vendors.
Shimohoncho-dori Street (1st to 15th of the month)
Nakahoncho-dori Street (16th to 31st of the month)

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4.0a year ago

Although the doll festival was cancelled, many still had displays. An amazing part of Japan, fyi, currency exchange is available at the post office.

5.0a year ago

Great small local market.

4.02 years ago

Every early in the morning.. you ll gey very fresh and purity things in morning market.

5.02 years ago

Great place to visit if you're looking for fun of sightseeing, observing remarkable local craftsmen growing roses in a rocks with moss and alike.
For fresh fish and seafood you better come up earlier, literally, before 6:30am, things do run away fast.
Veggies and fruits always freshest and taste like real thing if one would compare with supermarket ones.
Rice connoisseurs could enjoy real koshi hikari people grew for themselves by themselves and now are selling some excess of it.
For late comers there will be always a great food available till lunch time for sure made of fresh seafood and served in authentic, not posh but a cozy atmosphere.

4.0a year ago

Fresh products with reasonable prices

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