Kamogawa Matsushima Islands

Sightseeing information about Kamogawa Matsushima Islands in Japan.

Kamogawa Matsushima Islands (Kamogawa Matsushima)2.5

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Kamogawa Matsushima consists of seven differently sized islands located off the coast of Kamogawa City, Chiba Prefecture. It is named after the Matsushima islands in Miyagi Prefecture, which is one of Three Most Scenic Spots of Japan. The seven islands include the Benten-jima Island (Benzaiten the Buddhist goddess island) which is the biggest, along with U-jima (Cormorant island), Suzume-shima (Sparrow island) and Ashika-jima (Seal island). The contrast between the green of pine trees on the islands, the blue ocean and white waves is the best view in the Sotobo (the eastern side of the Boso Peninsula) region. These islands can be seen from the fishing port and other points around the area but among them the Uomizuka Observation Deck is the most recommended. Selected as one of the 100 New Views of Japan.

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5.02 years ago

Nice, no idea how they built this place!

5.0a year ago

Superb views. A must visit any time of the day.

3.0a year ago

Far from car park and must climb up to observatory deck.

4.02 years ago

Great view to stop and take amazing pictures

3.02 years ago

Steep hike but great views.

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