Katsuoji Temple

Sightseeing information about Katsuoji Temple in Japan.

Katsuoji Temple3.5

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This temple in the mountains of Mino City is a hidden tourist spot in Osaka Prefecture. Since its foundation in the 8th century, the temple has been drawing people who pray for personal triumphs. The well-manicured precincts and the adjacent public park with a fountain combine to produce beautiful scenery with seasonal changes.

Unlike other Buddhist temples, Katsuoji Temple has plenty of Daruma dolls everywhere in the grounds. Daruma is the Japanese word for Bodhidarma, the Indian monk who introduced Zen Buddhism to China. It is fun to find these dolls on your way to the main hall. The precincts have many slopes and staircases, a good place to enjoy some exercise.

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5.03 months ago

It's ordinary Japanese temple.
In Autumn, Maple trees turn to red. The scenary becomes spectacular.
This temple is well known as ''winning temple''.
If you visit here before facing your turning points in your life, you cam make it!

5.0a month ago

An awesome temple covered in daruma hidden in the mountains. Definitely get the bus or taxi here because there's no safe way to walk here no matter what Google maps says. There's a lot of history here and the atmosphere is perfect. You're better off arriving early in the day because the last bus is at 16:30. Admire the hundreds if not thousands of daruma donated by visitors and purchase one of your own to write your goals on. I'll return here when I've filled in the left eye of mine.

5.0a month ago

But of a trip to get to as a tourist as I'm used to having the trains take me everywhere I ant to go, but a bus ride is needed to get here. The temple grounds and cemetery are all very well kept and interesting to walk and view. I wish the shop sold a box set of the daruma dolls instead of just individual ones.

5.0a month ago

Very beautiful scenic spot. A good spot to add if you’re going to Minoh falls to make the entire trip worth it since it is quite far from the city. Very photogenic area. Lots of Daruma dolls in the area, a faint view of the city on a clear day. There was also a part where the people would use only one foot to step on going around that particular spot. Not too sure about it but it was very interesting.

5.03 months ago

Amazing place to watch the autumn leaves!

I walked here from Minoo fall (about and 3.5 km from the waterfall) love it so much! Highly recommend.

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