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Katsuoji Temple3.5

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This temple in the mountains of Mino City is a hidden tourist spot in Osaka Prefecture. Since its foundation in the 8th century, the temple has been drawing people who pray for personal triumphs. The well-manicured precincts and the adjacent public park with a fountain combine to produce beautiful scenery with seasonal changes.

Unlike other Buddhist temples, Katsuoji Temple has plenty of Daruma dolls everywhere in the grounds. Daruma is the Japanese word for Bodhidarma, the Indian monk who introduced Zen Buddhism to China. It is fun to find these dolls on your way to the main hall. The precincts have many slopes and staircases, a good place to enjoy some exercise.

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4.03 months ago

After buying a ticket & entrance, you the meet a beautiful gate in red color. It's a must to take a photo here before crossing the bridge over the pool. Just walking around this pool, there are many nice spots to take a cool photo. Before exit, don't forget to buy some local products as souvenir.

5.0in the last week

Temple of victory! Pray here/buy a victory charm for victory in your future, that is one of this Temple's claim to fame.

Scenic temple with some fun quirks. There are small daruma figures everywhere! You can buy a daruma omikuji (fortune) at the main temples site and they encourage you to leave it behind wherever you like. People have gotten very creative with it! Also under the main bridge that leads towards the temple, there are some water features and every 15 minutes steam will be released from under the bridge. Adds an interesting atmosphere to the area.

The temple grounds and garden are full of flowers and trees, very picturesque. Plenty of cherry blossoms and other blooms during spring, and the maple trees are beautiful and green in spring, probably very vibrant in autumn!

The gift shop at the bottom has a nice cafe and some tasty snacks (the Walnut mochi was good, not too sweet).

Here are a couple of fun temple things to do while you're here:

(1) Next to the main temple site, there is a building filled with stone figures. Each represents a temple in the area (88 total). By praying to each and stepping on the stone under the statue (there is sand from each temple under the stepping stone), you can "visit" all 88.

(2) Here at the main temples you can buy charms and daruma omikuji! You can also buy a daruma (the stand keeper can explain how to do it).

(3) After the main temple, you will see a huge bell. It is said that by ringing the bell while making a wish, you can have that ONE wish granted. It's customary to prep the ringing log 3 times with little swings before finally hitting it! (Loud!)

(4) In the main garden on the lower grounds, there is a spiral stone path. It is said that if you follow the path from the entry point and walk spiraling towards the center clockwise (about 7 circles, it's easy to follow the path), then walk out counter clockwise, you will become smarter. After you exit, there is a rock you need to go sit on (there is a diagram at the entry point).

5.0a week ago

This is one of the best temples to visit in the entire Kansai region, and that is saying a lot given what can be seen in Kyoto and Nara. It may not have some of the historical connections of examples found in those older places, but the variety of buildings and setting are first-rate. In autumn it can get very crowded (the road passing the temple is temporarily made one-way-only for the month of November during daylight hours), as it is a (rightly) famous spot to enjoy autumnal leaves, but at other times it can be surprisingly quiet. There are regular buses from the bus terminal at Senri-Chuuou , going via Kita-senri station (ca. 45 minutes, one-way, last bus back departs at 16:40). If driving, there is a car-park adjacent the temple's entrance, and another underground, but you can save yourself the parking fee by parking at the free car parking area just 200 m to the northeast (this closes at 5 pm, however). For the more physically inclined, the 4 km walk starting at the great Torii immediately south of Route 171 (〒562-0024 Osaka, Minoo, Aoshinke, 1-chōme−2), leading to the temple, passes numerous old mileposts, spaced approximately one every 110 metres, including 7 of the very oldest reliably dated such items in Japan, dating from the 13th century. There is an entry fee to the temple (400 yen for an adult), but it's very much worth it, and it comes with the option of an English language brochure.

5.03 months ago

I’m very proud that this beautiful and gorgeous temple is in Mino city in Osaka, where I grew up. Katsu means victory in Japanese. This temple represents “victory” for anything. Winning doesn’t necessarily mean beating others. You can win against who you used be or who you were last year. You can win over your weakness or something you’re not very good at.
When I was a kid, the baseball team I belonged to came visit this temple when New Year came every year and hoped we would play well and win each match in the year. It was our annual event.
“Victory” is the keyword at this place. If you have something you’d like to achieve or “win” against, this is a must visit spot for you.
So beautiful, spiritual and spectacular place. You’re always welcomed!!

4.0in the last week

A very nice and beautiful place in Japan.

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