Daigoji Temple

Sightseeing information about Daigoji Temple in Japan.

World Heritage: Daigoji Temple4.7

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Daigoji Temple has expansive ground spreading over an entire mountainside. The upper area has some buildings related to Shugendo, a folk religion that draws from both Buddhism and Shinto, and the lower area has main temple structures, a five-story pagoda and sprawling gardens with ponds. The broad approach is flanked with 1,000 cherry trees that make a gorgeous floral tunnel in spring.

Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who unified the country after wars in the late 16th century, rebuilt the whole temple buildings and held a cherry-blossom viewing party with 1,300 ladies of the nobility from all over Japan.

In autumn, foliage colors on the mountain slopes in daytime and light-up views of the temples at night are breath-taking. If you have enough time, it is recommended to take a stroll up to the summit (450m) for a couple of hours.

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5.02 months ago

A good tourist site. The three tourist points seem to be the large pagoda, a small garden inside one of the temple buildings, and the artifacts stored in one of the facilities. To be truthful, the artifacts are just scrolls you cannot read(and no, not because you are a foreigner but because the Kanji are written in an ancient, cursive fashion...), but the pagoda and the garden are quite very pretty. I liked the garden really much and it was truly breathtaking as it rained heavily- imagine rain splashing over a beautifully constructed garden, bubbling its waters and soothing its trees! - but regrettably you are not allowed to take pictures of it and there are at least 3 staff workers on guard constantly. I am not one to challenge rules so I just gazed at the rain from the temple aisle for about 10 minutes.

Overall, the temple is totally worth a visit and the 800 yens' admission fee. Not just the three places but the intricate structure of the buildings, the tea room, the walk, the ponds... the 'artificial nature' surrounding each temple building and the Buddhas... everything is fascinating, yet somewhat subtly different from Buddhist temples of different cultures. Buddhist temples are one of the best reasons to visit the Far East, are they not?

5.03 months ago

have wanted to visit this amazing place for so long and it was better than I hoped. Absolutely beautiful. I was there early in the morning and saw no other tourist until I was leaving the grounds. The staff was very helpful and friendly. The walk getting here is wonderful. So much beauty to take in. I am so happy to have visited at last! There is a nice path around the temple grounds with several waterfalls also.

5.0a week ago

One of my favourite places in Japan. Especially love the garde. At Sanboin, the Pagoda which is the oldest building in Kyoto, and Bentendo Hall.

4.06 months ago

Was there a few days ago and is a good place for experience heritage. Daigoji needs more maintenance or a refurbishment. The place is so spacious. Go there just before 9am if u drive.

5.06 months ago

Very photogenic place and a place for early cherry blossom if you ever visit Kyoto just before the full blossoming. The place is actually a temple complex with many sub- temples within. I would recommend anyone to spare a few hours to tour the entire place. Be sure to visit the museum as it has a lot of grand statues within. The view from the resting spot within the museum is also very nice.

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