Daigoji Temple

Sightseeing information about Daigoji Temple in Japan.

World Heritage: Daigoji Temple4.7

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Daigoji Temple has expansive ground spreading over an entire mountainside. The upper area has some buildings related to Shugendo, a folk religion that draws from both Buddhism and Shinto, and the lower area has main temple structures, a five-story pagoda and sprawling gardens with ponds. The broad approach is flanked with 1,000 cherry trees that make a gorgeous floral tunnel in spring.

Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who unified the country after wars in the late 16th century, rebuilt the whole temple buildings and held a cherry-blossom viewing party with 1,300 ladies of the nobility from all over Japan.

In autumn, foliage colors on the mountain slopes in daytime and light-up views of the temples at night are breath-taking. If you have enough time, it is recommended to take a stroll up to the summit (450m) for a couple of hours.

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4.09 months ago

Shidare cherry blossom is beautiful. One museum has the room for watching it.
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5.0a year ago

Ive been to many temples all over Japan.. and this is one of the most breathtaking ones for sure!!! It puts you in such a serene state of mind.. the Japanese gardens in front of the temple are absolutely stunning!!! And then as you think you're finished.. more surprises await you as you continue to stroll towards the pagoda.. and then the gorgeous red bridge connecting the little red temple..

3.03 months ago

Weeping cherry blossoms were mostly finished so only the regular ones were still left. BUT They charged me 1500yen to enter unnecessary places (all 3 areas) I didn’t care for lol all I wanted to see was just cherry blossoms and the tower. PLUS, they charged EXTRA 500 yen to enter one of the buildings. This place is very commercial. Monday but crowded.

5.08 months ago

Went for a walk with my dog - although we couldn’t enter the temple (no pets allowed) but it was a nice walk outside the temple and a good hike in the mountain 上醍醐 behind the temple (about 1.5 hours to reach the top of the mountain).

5.0a year ago

This is a must-see stop on your vacation to Japan. It's a breathtaking venue with serene waterfalls and foliage surrounding a pond and bridge. Not to mention the temples and history. It's so picturesque. It's not super cheap but totally worth it. There are a few food venues available on site too.

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