Shin Marunouchi Building

Sightseeing information about Shin Marunouchi Building in Japan.

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This 36-story skyscraper on the Marunouchi side of Tokyo Station is a landmark of this area. Replacing the original 8-story building, this tower completed in 2007 has around 100 shops and 40 restaurants on the lower seven floors and some high-end restaurants on 35th and 36th floors with great views of the city.

The 7th floor, called the Marunouchi House, is especially popular with couples and office workers, as sophisticated restaurants and bars with younger trendy feels are open until late at nigh. The floor is surrounded by terraces, most part of which is open to the public, and you can bring in drinks (food is not allowed) and sit on a bench to enjoy city views.

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5.0in the last week

Best place to appreciate tokyo station. 7F has outdoor corridor to birdview the station. There are 3 floor with food courts and more than 50 restaurants provide choices.

3.0a month ago

it was a nice place for bringing friends coming from overseas and meeting just friends as well, most of the time we could enjoy eating as there are various types of restaurants. cheers!

5.05 months ago

Love this building!! Go to the terrace (7th floor), have a walk around and check out the views. One of my favourite restaurant areas to go in Tokyo. Rigoletto is always good. Good for dates😉😉😉

4.0in the last week

Great place. Nice structure.

5.0a month ago

The architecture of the Tokyo Station is incredible!!! If you visit Tokyo you must to visit here and take some pictures!!!

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