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Ueno Zoo is Japan's oldest zoo established in 1882, next to the huge Ueno Park. The zoo is divided into the east and west sections, displaying 3,000 animals of some 500 species from around the globe. The most popular are giant pandas, a symbol of the 1972 normalization of diplomatic relations between China and Japan.

The west part, adjacent to a pond with lily pads and swimming birds, features some African animals including giraffes, hipos and rhinos, and a variety of amphibians and reptiles. The east part has environments close to natural habitats, showing gorillas, tigers, elephants, bears, as well as Arctic animals such as polar bears and seals. The zoo is also attached with historical buildings like a five-story pagoda of the nearby temple.

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2.02 weeks ago

As a zoo it is what most people would expect, a wide variety of animals. A few of the animals had decent enclosures in terms of both size and structure such as the lion or the reptiles. However many animals were cooped up in tiny cages with little to nothing in them such as many of the birds, kangaroos and monkeys, and especially the elephants! The polar bear enclosure was spacious but it didn't seem like they were being cared for well as it was 30 degrees Celsius at the time of visiting and there was nothing cooling provided for them. The penguins also did not have much space especially to swim properly as they should do. Although many of the smaller reptiles and amphibians seemed well looked after and had decent enclosures, the six foot crocodile stuck in a tiny portion of water and rock was definitely struggling. Much more space and care is needed for these animals. Understandably some animals may have to spend their life in a zoo for health reasons or for breeding programs for conservation. But there are many animals which did not need to be there such as the monkeys, lion, tiger, and many birds. I know it's a zoo, it's designed for entertainment but I hope in future we are able to prevent unnecessary captivation of animals. Lastly, there definitely needs to be more staff in the zoo, many are needed just as crowd control. I went on a weekday at a less busy time but even then many children and even some adults were being incredibly loud, tapping and banging on the glass of animals enclosures causing the animals much distress, this must be tackled.

The zoo did make a clear effort in terms of conservation, especially with the giant pandas, and with informing the general public about species and what can do to help them.

4.0in the last week

Loved the place. Saw the panda for the first time and it was an experience (although had to wait for 40min in queue).

Lot of nocturnal animals and birds can also be spotted.

Loved the elephants sprawling around throwing dust at each other.
There is limited space in each enclosure. It's a bit sad to see animals closed off in such tight space

4.0in the last week

Really well laid out. Animals look well cared for. Very clean and the staff is really friendly. Someone did steal the items I bought however so be mindful of your items.

5.02 months ago

I went for the zoo. Stayed for the Pandas and fell in love with the Polar bears! Pandas, yeah, yeah. Atlanta zoo is more impressive. Zoo stuff, Berlin has them beat by a long shot.
Nowhere else have I seen happier Polar bears. But the best part is the many, many angles from which you can watch them play!
You can be a pane of fiberglass away. You can see them from underneath! Watch them dive for fish. Observe the (scary) power of their bodies. So many vantage points. I'm not a big zoo lover, although some are so much better done than others, but if the goal is to make me care about a species and their habitat and survival, then mission accomplished! I have seen polar bears before, but only now did I truly get it. Not just academically get it, but really, really get it. As much as I believe these bears should be in their natural environment, I do care more about them just through this zoo visit!

4.0a week ago

Its cool, they had most of the animals i wanted (even though they were asleep).

If you wanna visit, make sure to get yourself some good shoes because there's a lot of walking here, oh an don't come early, the animals will be sleeping until afternoon!

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Animal Ueno came to feel that the Japanese really like the giant panda, and like than the Chinese. The Zoo may be because after the introduction of the giant panda of China is more popular. Giant panda breeding area is always constant, w...

Animal Ueno came to feel that the Japanese really like the giant panda, and like than the Chinese. The Zoo may be because after the introduction of the giant panda of China is more popular. Giant panda breeding area is always constant, whether adults or children are here to stay the longest. In addition to many other animals, I think it is worth watching for Zoo.


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