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Sightseeing information about Nara Park in Japan.

Nara Park4.8

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Nara Park is a huge area spreading over the eastern half of Nara City. This park belongs to the top itinerary of visitors to Nara, hosting Todaiji Temple with the Great Buddha, Kofukuji Temple, Kasuga Taisha Shrine and the Nara National Museum.

You will be surprised to see more than 1,000 deer roaming freely in the park. They are Natural Treasure and considered messengers of the gods. Buy "deer cookies (shika senbei)" for 150 yen and feed them to pose for photos. The deer are adorable but sometime turn aggressive and try to eat everything including your wallet and money. Watch out!

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5.0a week ago

We loved the deer and feeding them. There were so much deer! It's fun and a little scary feeding them because they all come to you. The park was nice with the temple nearby. Very interesting!

4.03 weeks ago

It's a cool place. We went at night and it was pretty empty we just chilled near the deer and they just kinda just stared at us. A unique experience for sure

5.02 weeks ago

Fun place to explore. Easy, yet semi far, walk from the train station. You can enjoy the park strictly sight seeing without feeding the deer.

5.02 weeks ago

It was amazing feeding the dear. They politely bowed and waited to be fed. The temple are stunning to witness in person. No photo could ever do justice to their beauty and scale. Our experiences in Kyoto and the surrounding area have far surpassed any experience in Tokyo.

5.02 weeks ago

Pretty place. Definitely worth visiting. You can buy the deer food for 150yen. If you want to get good pictures, walk a little further into the deeper part of the park near the pond.

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