Lake Towada Lakeside Hot Springs

Sightseeing information about Lake Towada Lakeside Hot Springs in Japan.

Lake Towada Lakeside Hot Springs (Towadakohan Onsen)3.4

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Hot springs by the Lake Towada (Towadako) which lies on the border between Aomori and Akita prefectures. The Towada Shrine is located on the Nakayama Peninsula jutting out into the lake, and the Towada Visitor Center, a sightseeing boat pier and a blonze statue are found at the foot of the peninsula. An annual winter festival is held in Yasumiya area, Towada city and features snow statues, Kamakura-igloos and fireworks.

Lake Towada Winter Festival : Late January/Early February to end February

Purposehealth,winter in Japan,fireworks of Japan,hot springs,autumn foliage
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