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Motomachi Park (Yokohama Motomachi Koen)2.5

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A park surrounded by lush greenery in the Yamate district of Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Walking down the Yamate-hondori Street from the Minato-no-Mieru Oka Koen (Harbor View Park), you'll find the park and western-style buildings beside the Yokohama Foregin General Cemetary. There are maze-like walking paths on the gentle slope among the woods and you can enjoy strolling watching huge trees and uniquely shaped trees. As well as historically valuable sites such as the Ruins of the Underground Reservoir of Gerard's Water Mansion and the Yamate 80-bankan Ruins, there are a variety of attractions in the park including the Yamate 234-bankan western-style building, the Ehrismann Residence and the Berrick Hall, all of them can be visited free of charge. There are 80 cherry blossom trees on site, with one of them planted beside the Ehrismann house, and you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing from the end of March to the early April, as well as viewing colored foliage in autumn. A swimming pool is also available in summer.
Visit by train : 15-min walk from JR Line Ishikawacho Station or 10-min walk from Minatomirai Line Motomachi-Chukagai Station (aka Yamashita-koen Station) (Japanese - can be google translated into English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Korean and Portuguese)
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Airport/Sta.Motomachi-Chinatown Station (about 500m) Google Transit


5.02 years ago

A beautiful small park with water, seasonal flowers and lots of seating to have a picnic.

4.02 years ago

It is a nice area to walk around.

5.03 years ago

Great outdoors pool

4.03 years ago


5.0in the last week


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