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Gaien Ginkgo Avenue4.5

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Meiji Jingu Gaien Park, home to the 1964 Tokyo Olympics stadium, golf exercise cages and an ice-skating rink, is also a good spot to enjoy seasonal changes of nature. The most stunning here is the Icho Namiki, an avenue lined with ginkgo trees, whose greenish leaves turn into blazing yellow color in autumn. The golden tunnel created by hundreds of trees is ethereal beauty, and the yellow carpet of fallen leaves comfortably rustles as you walk along.

Autumn may be the best season but sprouts in spring, lush green in summer and bare branches in winter are also fantastic. Apart from sports facilities, Meiji Jingu Gaien Park is also dotted with establishments where you can experience tea ceremony, pottery making and other cultural activities.

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5.06 months ago

Join the crowd and take a relaxing walk through rows of ginkgo trees that are stunning in their bright yellow leaves. Check the weather forecast, take off and touch down to this wonderful place when the skies are blue.
Snaps of yellow leaves against the blue skies are stunning. Don't go alone, it's a perfect place to bond with your family and friends. Is this place pet friendly? Oh yes.

4.06 months ago

A lot of people visited this place even if the leaves hadn't turned yellow yet.

We got to eat sweet potato when we passed by a food truck and were given a free taste. It was warm and sweet.

Imagine how beautiful the garden would be once the leaves begin to turn yellow.

You will see a big branch of Shake Shack along the way which is full of people. Both tourists and locals drop just to see the gingko trees.

3.04 months ago

Good place to see the Ginkgo trees, recommended to visit in early December. I came here on mid-December, the leafs already fall. But you can walk around to find the Ginkgo around the park nearby, there a few left.

5.05 months ago

Nice strolling section of road in the middle of Tokyo from which you can reach the baseball fields and new Olympic stadium. There's a Shake Shake there now. It feels out of place, but it's very comfortable place to take a break as you walk around the athletic fields and parks.

4.06 months ago

Cute place, the trees were not so bushy when I was there (end of Nevember) but still beautiful to see. Tons of people too. There is a pedestrians access on the whole road which is quite cool to be in the middle for good photos.

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