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Gaien Ginkgo Avenue4.5

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Meiji Jingu Gaien Park, home to the 1964 Tokyo Olympics stadium, golf exercise cages and an ice-skating rink, is also a good spot to enjoy seasonal changes of nature. The most stunning here is the Icho Namiki, an avenue lined with ginkgo trees, whose greenish leaves turn into blazing yellow color in autumn. The golden tunnel created by hundreds of trees is ethereal beauty, and the yellow carpet of fallen leaves comfortably rustles as you walk along.

Autumn may be the best season but sprouts in spring, lush green in summer and bare branches in winter are also fantastic. Apart from sports facilities, Meiji Jingu Gaien Park is also dotted with establishments where you can experience tea ceremony, pottery making and other cultural activities.

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5.02 weeks ago

More people visit this place because of its beautiful trees along the avenue..

3.02 weeks ago

I can imagine how beautiful the ginkgo trees would be if they turn yellow.

4.04 months ago

Best time is autumn when the trees change colors though almost any weekend day with good weather is a good time to have lunch on the patio at Shake Shack and wait for the exotic cars to appear. One if the best car viewing areas of Tokyo.

4.07 months ago

It was an amazing place! It was super beautiful and it was the perfect photoshoot location! It filled up my storage. 😂 You should get a map guide at the front entrance as it does get kind of confusing. If there are none left, I suggest taking a picture of one of the bigger maps placed around the area. Restaurants stop serving food in the early afternoon/evening which is kind of a bummer. You can still order drinks and desserts though. If you would like to eat, but you came there late, there are a few restaurants around the corner of the exit. We ate at Yoshinoya and it was super good! If you're a tourist, make sure you have your passports on hand because students 15 years old or younger get to go in for free. If any of your family members are a student above 15 years of age, make sure you bring their school ID. Also, if you'd like to go out but come back in later, make sure you ALWAYS have your ticket with you. They'll ask you for it when you re-enter. That's all I have to say! Have a great time and enjoy!

5.09 months ago

I love how the streets were literally paved with gold. Golden ginkgo trees that is. I've always seen more orange foliage than yellow so seeing this was a nice change. Looking forward to seeing it again!

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