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Tokyo Midtown4.2

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This upscale 'microcity' complex is a nexus of Roppongi, where cultural trends in the world flock together. The tower building with 59 floors including 5 underground levels stands at 248m, soaring as the highest skyscraper in Tokyo. The complex has office spaces, 130 shops, art museums including the Santory Museum of Art and the luxury hotel Ritz Carlton Tokyo, complete with a decent park.

The two major touristy areas are a section of shops and restaurants where you can indulge in high-end fashion and sophisticated cuisine, and a greenery section that is abundant of leafy trees and seasonal flowers. The night illumination is a must-see, particularly during the cherry-blossom viewing and year-end holiday seasons. This is a good place to get a feel of dignified glitz of Roppongi after dark.

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5.02 months ago

We came for the illumination that was a sight to behold. This shopping complex is for everyone who enjoys good food, shopping, a leisurely walk in the park, and a lot more.

There are events in spring, summer, fall and winter. The 21_21 Design Sight, located near the park is a great stop if you're interested in design that enriches our lives and offers a different perspective. The Fujifilm Square is within the compound. Swing by to view amazing photography exhibits run with different themes, featuring both professional and amateur photographers not only from Japan but also from other countries.

4.0a month ago

It's my first time to visit Illumination show in tokyo since 2017. Christmas Illumination of Tokyo Midtown is really impressed and so beautiful. There is shopping mall and restaurants near the park. So, you don't need to worry about your own business too 😀

5.04 months ago

It's a gorgeous area. There are so many shops, and places to sit and enjoy the day. I think the best time to come here is during the hanami season (cherry blossom viewing season) there is a walkway just outside the building that curved around the area and it is lined up with cherry blossom trees. You can pay to sit and enjoy some fine wine, by the trees with no care in the world, or you can find a spot to sit. Regardless it's gorgeous.

There is also a lot of great restaurants, one of them is one of my personal favorites, "the counter" its a build your own burger place.

All in all the vibe is quite romantic, it's a great area to spend an afternoon with a loved one. Or if you are with family. Lots of upscale shopping too!

5.02 months ago

A great mall to walk around in, especially if you have a little kid. The shops are out of my price range, but the floors are roomy and allow for comfortable strolling, especially on a rainy day. The food courts and market on the lower floors have lots of options, but get really busy during meal times. The art and decorations in the mall are visually pleasing. There is an outdoors area that becomes a free concert venue during the summer, and an ice skating rink during the Winter. I believe the building closes at 1230am, even though most (if not all) of the stores and restaurants are closed by then. We were there for a concert at the Billboard Live venue, so that could be the reason for the building still being open.

5.0in the last week

strong New York city vibe just a lot... I mean a lot more peaceful and clean.

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