Tokyo Midtown

Sightseeing information about Tokyo Midtown in Japan.

Tokyo Midtown4.2

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This upscale 'microcity' complex is a nexus of Roppongi, where cultural trends in the world flock together. The tower building with 59 floors including 5 underground levels stands at 248m, soaring as the highest skyscraper in Tokyo. The complex has office spaces, 130 shops, art museums including the Santory Museum of Art and the luxury hotel Ritz Carlton Tokyo, complete with a decent park.

The two major touristy areas are a section of shops and restaurants where you can indulge in high-end fashion and sophisticated cuisine, and a greenery section that is abundant of leafy trees and seasonal flowers. The night illumination is a must-see, particularly during the cherry-blossom viewing and year-end holiday seasons. This is a good place to get a feel of dignified glitz of Roppongi after dark.

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4.04 months ago

Great atmosphere on the bottom two floors with great food and outdoor seating, the only problem is the slightly more tense upper levels. If you want to just walk around you feel a bit like you are being judged if you aren’t wearing nice clothes. Don’t let that stir you though as the museum and the full grocery store downstairs (as well as le pain!) are all reasons to come.

5.04 months ago

Everything you need in one place. Very easy to get to. Spacious and we'll thought out. Love going here.

5.06 months ago

An awesome shopping mall with many side attraction like Ice skating and park. Great place to visit and have a great time !!

5.010 months ago

Great place to spend a few hours strolling, shopping and eating!

5.0a month ago

I love coming here whenever I come to Japan. Great place to shop around when you have some extra cash to burn.

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