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Tokyo Midtown4.2

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This upscale 'microcity' complex is a nexus of Roppongi, where cultural trends in the world flock together. The tower building with 59 floors including 5 underground levels stands at 248m, soaring as the highest skyscraper in Tokyo. The complex has office spaces, 130 shops, art museums including the Santory Museum of Art and the luxury hotel Ritz Carlton Tokyo, complete with a decent park.

The two major touristy areas are a section of shops and restaurants where you can indulge in high-end fashion and sophisticated cuisine, and a greenery section that is abundant of leafy trees and seasonal flowers. The night illumination is a must-see, particularly during the cherry-blossom viewing and year-end holiday seasons. This is a good place to get a feel of dignified glitz of Roppongi after dark.

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5.0a month ago

Wonderfully designed, very upscale shopping experience that has something for everyone. Good casual food selection on B1 and a large number of really nice cafes and restaurants on the upper floors. The eclectic shops have a stunning selection of interesting Japanese and imported items. This wonderful building and complex is so much nicer than the usual (boring) shopping/eating experiences.
The grounds and gardens surrounding the buildings are worth a visit and a stroll on their own.
Overall, the nicest shopping mall experience in Tokyo and a worthy destination for a day in central Tokyo.
Highly recommended.

5.0a month ago

Oh my God this cherry blossom spot is the place to go at night. The illumination reflecting off the trees is so amazing. Definitely go there multiple times during the season. So many people are out enjoying the Sakura. The little bubbles with small tables is truly awesome

4.0a week ago

As high-end shopping complexes go, one of Tokyo’s best. Good place for made-in-Japan gifts. Bonus points for decent selection of restaurants and cafes, and excellent museums.

5.02 weeks ago

Always a delight to visit during Hanami season. Good the place always have nice set up to enjoy the beautiful scene with a nice corner for chat..

5.0a week ago

Really loved the restaurants & the lively atmosphere. Felt Aws during cherry blossom time was able to get beautiful clicks & view.

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